Friday, April 30, 2010

From Scraps to Finish

I've finally had enough spare time to begin AND complete a couple projects lately. Its always a bonus when completing follows beginning. All the scraps from leftover projects coupled with the bandannas Grandma gives me after Fluffy is groomed needed a home.

First, I made the word "Spring" by cutting the letters out of thin cardboard and using fabric glue to attach the fabric. If I do it again, I won't use such light fabric as I did for the P and I because the glue can be seen through the fabric in some spots.

This quilted potholder is for my Amish penpal, Anna. The only phrase I can think of that fully describes how I felt sewing something for an Amish woman who makes and sells her own quilts is as follows: I felt like an beginning violinist writing a masterpiece of a concerto for Antonio Vivaldi himself. In other words, I didn't feel up to the task. I'll just make sure she knows it was made with lots of love and won't tell her about quality moments I spent with the seam-ripper.

Other projects I still have to finish include finishing the sweater I'm knitting for little Marilena{I cannot wait to kiss her cheeks}and gifts for Addison and Braden's first birthday. {I can't believe they're almost one. WHERE does time go?} I'm thinking something along the lines of monogrammed shirts. I've never done anything like that before, but as Henrietta Washburn-Ives says in her southern drawl "you'll never know if you're any good at monogramming if you don't give it a try. You've just got step out in faith for that first letter and everything will be fine."

It's possible there is not, and never was, a Henrietta Washburn-Ives and that I just made the whole thing up. I just need a little reassurance from time to time even if it does come from a fictional woman in my head.

{Henrietta and I would like to wish you much success in all you creative endeavorers.}

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