Thursday, April 22, 2010

I went, I judged, I conquered

My view on debate and speech tournaments were altered the last three days in a good way. There’s still a little too much arguing, but the stress level wasn’t nearly as high as in other years. There was even a little more food than usual! All in all, it was quite successful for the following reasons:

1. I got to see my friend Lindsay for the first time in over a year. I have a story about Lindsay{“do you have a story about everything?” Yes, as a matter of fact, I just about do}. We met while campaigning on the Student Action Teams for a senator in Pennsylvania. We were like two pieces of Velcro right off the bat. Its amazing she’s still friends with me after the breakdown she witnessed me having on her hotel bed. It was not a pretty sight but you know what they say: those who campaign together stay together.
I was a little unsure how our reunion would after so long, but when the second thing she said to me on Sunday was “your ring matches your earrings!!”, I knew we would be fine. Without further adieu, the lovely Lindsay.

2. I judged a humorous round and survived. I was just as shocked as anybody. It was ridiculously easy to know who put in last place: the guy who's speech didn't make me laugh at all whatsoever. I didn't have the heart to tell him on the ballot that I didn't understand{let alone laugh at}his speech about a turtle talking to Achilles{talk about random}, so I very politely informed him that 'its probably a good story line but I was slightly confused.' I was more the slightly confused, but I didn't want to hurt his feelings.

3. Imagine my excitement when the boy who humorous speech I judged and absolutely loved{and completely understood} got first place! I really feel like I played a part in skyrocketing him to stardom.

4. I believe its safe to say I was close to becoming known as "the annoying sister who's always trying to take pictures of her brother."

He didn't make it very easy; I'm fortunate to have gotten this one.

5. This is my friend, Elizabeth, and I. The fingers behind my head belong to her sister, Rachel. She tried to justify her action by saying “but...but...I thought I was doing it to Elizabeth!” Sources say she knew just who she was “doing it to.” Good thing she’s cute!

6. Speech and debate people have their own special clap called the ‘Forensic clap’. To eliminate endless clapping during the announcements of who moves on to the next level, clapping is supposed to follow this pattern: name, clap, name, clap, and so on and so forth. At one point they were announcing who was moving up to the finales in Lincoln-Douglas debate. I was so excited because our friend Jonathan was in the running. I clearly forgot about the Forensic clap because I messed up. Below is a re-enactment of what happened.

Announcer- “Rachel”
Everyone else- clap
Announcer- “Jonathan”
Everyone else- clap

Needless to say, I wanted to sink through the floor and never return. Unable to do that I simply hid behind Lindsay. My over-enthusiasm was worth it because he made it to the finals!

7. Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to announce that our friend, Mr Jonathan the Tall, is the Lincoln-Douglas debate champion of the northeast. To think that this fellow home schooler comes not only from my state but from my neighborhood. Side note: I have yet another "I'm so nervous for you I could be your mother" story to add to my collection. The powers that be didn't announce the winners of the LD debate until the end of the awards ceremony. Right before we found out, I leaned forward and asked Jonathan's mother if she was nervous. She answered, and I quote "no, I'm just enjoying it all." End quote. Shocked, I replied{and I quote}"REALLY?! Because I'm really nervous!" It's possible I may have squealed at an unladylike volume when they finally said he was the winner.

My newest mission in life is coaching Aaron and Elizabeth into great public speakers who will wow the world with their duo speeches. Elizabeth asked me "what credentials" I have in this area but I chose to plead the fifth. I was too busy wondering the answer to that question myself.

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KJJ Houston said...

How could she not be nervous!! eeek :) ha ha