Monday, February 22, 2010

Songs and Skates

Thursday found us packing our bags and leaving the state for Andrew's wedding. According to tradition, we got on the road later then planned but that tradition is so old why bother changing it now? Aaron was thrilled to sit in the back amongst the luggage.
Elizabeth and I invented a patent-pending game to keep us occupied while traveling down I-95: pick a tune and a subject for the other person to invent a song about, then sit back and be entertained. Here's Elizabeth singing a song about street signs to the tune of I'm a Little Teapot.

We made a quick stop in New York City to visit a friend Elizabeth met in her homeschool online writing class. They've been writing and talking since the school year began and were so excited to meet in real life. I had never been in a NYC apartment and I was so surprised at how nice Rebecca's was. You'd never know from the inside that you're really in the middle of the city. It was such a nice its-not-nearly-long-enough visit. We had a big "its a small world after all" moment while we were there. A missionary to Afghanistan was staying with Rebecca's family and lo and behold, he grew up in our town and knows some of the same people we do! It was so fun to say 'do you know Martin soandso?' or 'did you graduate with Paula?' and he would!

Rebecca took us on a very quick tour around her block. Mom and I were somewhat shocked at the news that she frequently runs errands around the city by herself. All by her barely 15 year old self. I guess things really are different when you grow up in the city! These trees lined the walkway of Columbia University.
I swear I lost 10 years off my life while watching the mens figure-skating finals at Debbie's that night. Of course the two most important people had to skate at the end making me nervous for even longer. Of course once Evan did skate, there had to be another skater before Yevgeny Plushenko went prolonging the agony. Of course by the time Yevgeny did go, I was so nervous that he would to do better that I could barely watch. I may or may not{leaning heavily towards the 'may'} have brought up to the last remaining fellow viewers would really be wrong to pray that Yevgeny fall so that Evan would win? I didn't want him to get hurt or anything, just a little whoops,there he goes. The fellow viewers said yes, it would be wrong. Clearly they don't support their country as much as yours truly.|
Pushing 11:52pm, I was finally able to relax when Evan won by ONE point. That one point gave me those 10 years back PLUS a bonus 10 just for good measure. All in all, it turned out to be a succesful night.

My Night of Agony in Picutures{my feelings are in blue}:

1. Mr Lysacek takes to the ice{I spend the routine flipping between cheering and saying 'don't fall. Don't fall.' Can you imagine what would happen if I was his MOTHER?!}

2. The Russian begins his routine{I spend the time praying praying for his dimise covering my eyes while whispering 'please fall. Please fall. Please fall just a little.'}

3. Mr Lysacek wins the gold{!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should have seen how happy I was to see the final score. A huge weight fell off my shoulders and I got those 10 years back. I didn't stay up for the medal ceremony because it was already so late and I was sick,but I was there in spirit. I think its probably a blessing the Olympics happen every 2 years. I can't handle much more of this.}

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