Monday, February 15, 2010

Report from the Olympic Party

On the whole, Team Perfectly Round Sugar Cookie performed moderately well Friday night. Although not all participants were perfectly round, all arrived{barely}on time and in their respective colors. Player Red had slight issues with his color, as did Black and Green, but it was nothing major. The whole team was united in support of their beloved country.

This report is brought to you by Sarah Seabrook,
live from The Olympic Party, Grandma's Living Room

Some favorite quotes from the Opening Ceremony:
* "(I will be performing)the double MckTwisty 1250." So says
The Flying Tomato

* "I'm so glad he's representing us." Elizabeth, after seeing said Flying Tomato{slightly sarcastic? Yes.}

* "He's talking about winning a medal." I would be too, if I was at the Olympics!

* "What's your definition of a sport?"

* "I think the winner's name was 'Stew'."

"" In the name of dedication to this blog, I did indeed research this site and its validity. It's REAL. If you're in need of an ice partner, look no further. If you really do need an ice partner, just know I'm very impressed. I need two partners just to stay standing when I ice skate.

I'm kidding. I really need three.

{Thankfully I'm not really that bad! :) }


Katie said...

Too cute! Love the cookies. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Katie!! I tried not to be TOO picky when I was making them! :)

My Heart said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Nice to "meet" you! Those are cute cookies by the way!