Friday, February 12, 2010

Doing it for the Team

The level of excitement over the start of the 2010 Winter Olympics is almost 10.0{side note: why don't they use that scoring system anymore? It was so much easier to understand}. We're all going over to Grandma's tonight for our annual Opening Ceremony Party. I love to see what the hosting country comes up with. I'm especially interested to see what this man{?} all about:

See full size image

It reminds me of something you would build with the stones from Stone Henge. Its slightly odd.

When I'm done writing this I'm going to make Olympic sugar cookies. We'll see how they turn out as 1) we have only a few hours til party time and I didn't even start baking yet, and 2) according to the directions they're roll-up-in-a-ball cookies instead of cookie cutter cookies. I can just foresee what will ensue when they aren't perfectly round like the Olympic circles! When the going gets tough I'll just remind myself that I'm doing it for my team.

Speaking of my team, my friend Mr Chad Hendrick will be returning to the speed skating rink.
Unfortunately, I don't believe my other friend Mr Joey Cheek will competing. Please join me in this moment of sad silence.


As I was looking through the athletes this morning on the NBC site, I came across figure skater Rachael Flatt. I've never seen her before but as I told Katie, I feel there are great things in store for her. It's unfortunate that someone at my young age can feel old when I look at someone like Rachael. She's only 17{she was born in the 90's!!}.

Katie and I always keep track of and compare notes our favorite athletes. Really all you have to do to become one of my favorites is be featured in one of those musical, touching story videos of perseverance, overcoming great odds and fighting back when the going got rough.{If gaining fans is the point of those videos,they definatly got it right.} It especially gets me when they show pictures of the athletes as children strapping on their little skates or, in the case of one gymnast last year, about to jump off the roof onto a trampoline. I do my utmost to not let my devotion to the United States waver, but sometimes its just so hard when I see a picture of a cute little Austrian boy!

Those cookies aren't about to bake themselves so off I go. I would love it if you feel lead to cheer for Team Perfectly Round Sugar Cookie. :-)

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