Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Shopping

Today was a very successful day in the grand scheme of errands. The girls of the family,along with Debbie, first went to Joanns. Oh,how I have missed that craft store. I hadn't been in so long I think I was suffering from withdrawal. I always go in with a purpose but by the time I make it to the first aisle, I'm all "but look at that!! I could make such a great______{fill in the blank}! And its on sale too!!" I think I've inherited the "I don't need it but since it's on sale I really should buy it" genes from my aunt. I'm proud to report that I didn't buy anything I didn't NEED. I picked up a purple scrapbook for Hannah's birthday party on Saturday and a cool 3-D sticker to put on the front. That's all. But don't think I wasn't tempted to buy just about everything else in the store.

At Walmart I bought this cute dress in dark blue. I'll have to wear a shirt underneath because they didn't have my size{unless I can sew it enough}but I just love it anyway. Summer dresses make me so happy! I also bought{gee,wasn't I Miss Spendy}headbands to decorate for the childrens hospital. I glued pretty flowers to a couple baby hats, but some of the little girls that are too big for the hats need a little pampering too!

I just got back from a cross-country walk with Katie. In no way was I going to let this beautiful day go by without being outside...even if I do feel sick! Oh allergies, do you have to make an appearance every year?

Last but certain not lest, today's BIG news is that our friend Stephanie had her baby girl last night! I have never before in my life been glad a baby is overdue, but in this case those extra 13 days gave me more time to knit her little baby sweater. I'm not done with it yet, but the end is {almost}in sight. I can't wait to meet her and COVER her with kisses!


Keri said...

Ooh. I almost went to Joanns today. We might have finally had the Joanns meeting! ;)

13 days???? EEEEKs!

Sarah said...

Almost as soon as we went in,I said to Mom "don't forget to look for my friend Keri;she likes to come here too!" Someday we shall meet! :)

Don't get too nervous,I'm sure your baby won't be that late.He/she will be too excited about seeing you! Atlest,I hope not! ;)

Holly said...

I really like that dress! It's so cute!