Monday, April 26, 2010

Dad's Birthday Party*

* Oh, I'm creative in titling.

Dad's birthday party was a fabulous success. He was expecting us to just have his special supper that day and his real party when everyone{meaning both sets of newly-weds}could come.

We shattered his expectations.

Not only did Daniel and Erika come{Dad thought he was working late and couldn't come},but Erika's dad, heretoafter know as Mr. H, who was up for business came too. Mr. H came in before Daniel and Erika and Dad was completely shocked and confused to see him. Dad had absolutely no idea why he just showed up at our door and it took forever for him to get things straight! It was so fun to see Dad so excited, especially when Daniel and Erika came in.

I couldn't get a picture of Dad's face when Mr. H came in because it totally would have clued Dad off to the fact that something was about to happen had I been standing there with my camera waiting. It's not like I haven't seen him grilling supper before. Of course I have other pictures, but the birthday boy doesn't appear until the end because I forgot to take pictures of him.

She's such a peach!

Exactly 6 months married and as cute as ever.


We're really thrilled that a giant trampoline moved in next door. We were more than happy to welcome it into our lives.

This picture and the next are dedicated to Daniel{red shirt}and entitled What goes up must come down.

Even our fab sister-in-law joined in on the fun.

After dessert we played a ridiculous version of Pictionary called Passanova Pictionary. It is not for the faint of heart.

This was Mr H's rendering of the phrase "cry your eyes out". If he wasn't already a successful realtor, I'd suggest he become an artist. He has such a gift.

Aaron wanted to "inspire" Dad so he bought this little sign. Even though I've lived with him for over 15 years, I can't exactly put into words what the look on Aaron's face means. Its something along the lines of "I'm tired and goofy and really proud of myself...". I do know that being related to Andrew is also a large part where he gets The Look.

Not having much advance notice about Dad's party meant I was gift-less. After I recovered from the "I hate being gift-less at birthday parties" syndrome, I whipped up{literally-I did it in about 2 minutes}this topnotch little card letting him know I was getting him a gift certificate to the restaurant he requested. I stalled during the production of the card because half my brain was telling me "don't use a sticker with pink letters for guy! Are those words at the bottom purple 'cause they sure look like it! Don't you have any manly colored stickers that say the same thing?" The other part of my brain was saying "you'd better do this quick 'cause they're all waiting for you upstairs!" I tried to please both sides of my brain so I ended up with this. ; )

Happy birthday, Dad! I'm glad we have you to celebrate!

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Yankee Wife said...

Awww! Happy birthday to your dad! I love bday parties for parents. Looks like yall had an awesome celebration! It will be a fun memory to look back on one day.

I want Mr H as my pictionary partner!!