Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Of Journals and Blogs

I love writing in my journal. I love that what I write about today will be even more special 25 years from now when I want to know what I want thinking, feeling, enjoying, and doing. Blogging is so similar. While I am not going to stop writing in my journal, here I can post about cute summer dresses, my favorite pictures I took during the week, and write about, and link back to, other blogs. And I should just say it...I love reading other blogs! It's so fun to get new craft ideas and yummy recipes, read photography tips, see cute pictures of babies, and learn about and pray for those that need it. Plus, when I thought about posting pictures of cute summer dresses on my family's blog, I realized that that really wasn't a family post; it was just about me and what I liked! : )

*This first post is dedicated to Megan from Shabby Blogs who helped save me from utter and complete blog boringness and very patiently answered all my questions. Thank you Megan!!*

ps. Yes, I do realize that the flower on the right of my background is a Sunflower, not a Dandelion or a Daffodil. Its just so pretty, happy and bright that I had to use it! : )

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