Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I voted

Voting Day is always a big day for me. I feel so important filling out the ballot and getting an I Voted sticker when I’m done. Because nothing shouts RESPONSIBLE and GROWN UP like a 21 year old who gets excited about a little round sticker. It’s the simple things in life that bring me great joy. If nothing else, the sticker gets my mind off the fact that 6 out of the 8 people I voted for yesterday lost. Basically what it’s come down to in my voting career is that if I fill in the little oval next to your name, you can just about wave goodbye to your political future. Except for 3 people, every single person I’ve ever voted for over the last 7 elections has lost. It’s true that I have a sad voting record, but that has not stopped me from advising others as to how they should vote. Katie is my main client as can be seen by the following statements below:
“Are we supposed to vote tomorrow?”, “Are we voting for governor?”, “I meant to talk to you about voting today when we talked but I plumb forgot!”

 Hannah voted for the first time yesterday which lead to the following conversations on Facebook. 

Sarah  "I'm so proud of you for voting! Isn't it fun? Did you get an I Voted sticker?" {I pass on the importance of voting stickers to my clients.}
"The experience would be pointless without the sticker. When I inserted the ballot into the machine at the end, I was pretty happy with myself, seeing I hadn't totally messed up so far. Then, lo and behold, as I was walking out, the machine started going bonkers. I looked back and the guy was like, "oh you messed it up" or something to that effect. My heart dropped to the floor. In all my excitement to fill-in a crazy name in the blank "write in" spot, I had of course put it in the wrong section along with the only person who was running for town sergeant. (So THAT'S why there was TWO "write in" spaces...guess the second one that was in its OWN section was legit...duh.) Apparently the ballot machine didn't like that I signified more than one person. So, that section on my ballot was voided. I mean, the lady was running against herself, so it's not like she's doomed cuz she didn't get my vote. Poor Mike Tompkins won't have a chance now though. *sniff* So yeah. Yet another story of my everyday airheadedness. Hope you enjoyed it."
A few years before I began voting, Elizabeth and I went to the polls with Mom. Lounging against the wall fiddling with his phone was a young policeman. Elizabeth stared at him for about 35 seconds with a look of complete admiration on her face and said{in a very loud voice}, "Wow. He is SO handsome that he should be on the show Modern Marvels. "

Sometimes many times usually we don't know how to respond to her statements. 

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