Thursday, December 16, 2010

We have some big Christmas questions

We interrupt the romance of Tuesday to discuss the Christmas shopping trip Autumn and I took yesterday. It only rated about a 7 for productivity, but easily a 10 for everything else. "Everything else" includes talking at an inappropriate volume {something we're very good at}, Autumn's very excitable driving which made us leave the lane we were supposed to be in, the mechanic Autumn takes her car to, sales and more sales, Autumn telling me 15 times in 4 hours that she "JUST CAN'T BELIEVE" that I'm engaged, and discussing some of the world's biggest Christmas questions.

Question #1: Why does the Lexus dealership tell us that "a Lexus is the perfect gift for everyone on our list" when nobody {except maybe Donald T.} can afford to buy a Lexus for everyone on their list?
Question #2: Why do plastic surgeons offer gift certificates at Christmas time? You might as well just hand that special someone a card telling them you think they're a nice person and all, but for goodness sake, they are so ugly!

We just don't get it.  

We also took 60 seconds to compile this very incomplete list of a few favorite Christmas songs. It was shaping up to be a good list but we were interrupted by a trip into Hallmark and we forgot to finish it. I blame the Star Wars ornaments for that.  

Away in a Manger 
Last Christmas I Gave You My Heart {This song "brings out the 80's" in Autumn.}
Walking In A Winter Wonderland
"The song about the walking magi" {I can't be sure, but I think she meant We Three Kings}
Oh Holy Night

Our next stop was TJ Maxx. Almost immediately we found these:  
Someone made a terrible fashion error with the production of these yellow pants. 

We needed a little time for our eyes to recover so we went to children's section in search of a gift for a certain small sister of mine. We found something for her, but almost more exciting was this discovery:
Adorable baby shoes 
We instantly began searching for babies to go with the shoes but we found none. Autumn asked me if I want a girl or boy baby first and when I said girl, she said she wanted a boy first. Naturally my little girl will marry her little boy and we'll have the same grandchildren and life will be beautiful. 

Please don't ask why we like to discuss the marriages of our future, as of now unborn children. It's very hard to explain to those who don't understand.

Next on our agenda was the mall. We stopped by Crazy 8 to visit Marissa, looked in on Autumn's friend Kory at another store, and shopped around two other stores before leaving with slightly less money than we arrived with. 

That's another big Christmas question we have: why do you always end up on the other side of Christmas with less money than you have before it? 


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