Thursday, August 9, 2012

we're the new kids on the block. again.

I am once again coming to you live from a new home in a new state. For those keeping track (and really, who isn't keeping track of my life?), this is the fifth move/fourth state since we got married last year. 
Clearly I get around

After biding farewell to the ghetto, we assembled ourselves into a three car caravan for our travels. (Fun fact, not five minutes after leaving I was already following the wrong truck.) Christopher was in the front, the snacks and I were in the middle, and the FFIL (favorite father in law) was in the back. This plan worked well until we were separated and I was all by my lonesome for 63 minutes out in the middle of nowhere Kentucky. Or maybe it was Utah. I'm not good with directions.  

This was my view for the 10+ hour drive. I realize it's blurry but you have to remember that I was simultaneously driving and eating my sour cream and onion chips while taking this picture.  
Folks, it is so h.o.t. here the camera lens fogged up.
Our first full day here the lovely Jenn came to visit with Sam the Man and Molly McChubster. Our relationship has really improved since the last time Sam and I got together. He greeted me with a smile and not a yell of horror so I'd say we're on the fast-track to being BFF's. He even wanted me to hold him so I'm starting to think that I might leave off the last F in BFF and just say he's my BF. Yay for a new boyfriend! (Before you all- mostly my dad- start leaving comments about how I'm married and shouldn't have a boyfriend etc. etc. etc, you should know that Christopher is accustomed to me having little boyfriends around the country.)

This is the view from the recliners at the PX when you go to buy a washer and dryer and are so tired you sit down and don't want to get up. Not that I'd know anything about that.
I would like to discuss for a moment my method of labeling packing boxes versus how the Army movers label boxes. 

Exhibit A- my labeling 
Granted, I had no idea what I meant by "2 water things" but at least I knew where to find a water thing if I needed it.

Exhibit B- their labeling
The only items in the tote were a blanket and hammer. Would that have been so hard to write?

So that's what we've been up to. Packing, packing, packing, driving, unpacking, unpacking, buying large household items, unpacking, unpacking, visiting friends, unpacking, collecting boyfriends, kissing a baby (ohmygoodness Molly's cheeks are THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS big), unpacking, unpacking, unpacking, unpacking.

Any guesses as to what we're doing tomorrow? Hint: it starts with un, ends with ing and has pack in the middle. It's a never-ending unpacking party over here.


Jen said...

Glad you made it to your new home safely!! Unpacking is the worst!! I am not looking forward to moving all over again in January.

Kristen said...

I've been reading since right before you got married but this is my first time commenting.

First things first, I think you are HILARIOUS! I am always laughing when I read your posts, I laugh and think that is so me!

You are only one state away from my home state now. Alabama. Welcome to the south by the way!

Please tell your husband thank you for serving our country. My husband is Army Reserves so no moving around for us, thankfully. I don't see how you've done it, I'd lose my mind moving so much. Although the idea of switching to active duty at the end of this enlistment has crossed my mind, but we will probably just stay where we are.

Now that I've wasted enough of your time. Thanks for giving me little laughs here and there! I really appreciate them!

Julie said...

I suggest you take a break from packing and go downtown for some beer cheese dip. It can be a prize that makes packing much more rewarding.

Jenn said...


hmb said...

The packing boxes crack me up! When we finally got our stuff at Bragg, I found my laptop in the box marked pots/pans. Who does that??

Enjoy Fort Campbell! They have classy establishments like Cat West over there.... :)

Abby said...

haha, my lens does that too. welcome to the lovely and humid south!

Crissy said...

hahah wow! I know your feeling with the Army Movers LOL I am your newest follower from it has been a pleasure to stop by your blog and read about you!

Ashley said...

BAHAHA! I am cracking up at these comments. When you head downtown for the beer cheese dip...get fries...I'm pretty sure I threatened to cause pretty bad bodily harm if I didn't get fries...and fast. Am I the only one that thinks the Cat West sign all lit up at night is awesome?! Glad you're here! Don't judge it on the summer...wait until the fall, I promise!