Saturday, March 22, 2014

Watch Sesame Grow, week 38

Edition: I had a needle sticking OUT OF MY HEAD
Size of baby: 5.5ish pounds and supposedly the size of a leek. I thought a leek was similar in size to an onion so I did some indepth research into to the subject. It seems the people over at The Bump are running out of vegetables to compare the child to because a leek is basically an onion, a vegetable we've already used. Now they're getting leaves and stems involved which is really complicating things. Why can't we compare the baby to candy bars? 
Fun fact: The baby started out smaller than a sesame seed and now we can put one finger on my stomach and feel it wiggle. Things are getting large around here.
Size of mother: At this point I have gained 18 el bees. I don't like proclaiming my weight but these things must be recorded for posterity.
What's on the menu: I bought blueberries to make blueberry coffee cake but ate them all before I got around to making the cake.
Other things I have to say: Sesame is still breech so today we had an acupuncture appointment in hopes it might help the baby turn. I'm not holding my breath that it will work but I don't want to sit around doing nothing. It was my first time getting acupuncture done and I have never felt so hippie in all my life. At one point I had a needle sticking out of my head (I'm sure it gave me a nice alien with an antenna look) while she burned something down by my toes. I can't even. All this was happening while she told me how her husband works at The Turnip Truck. 

So we had a perfectly normal Saturday afternoon.


Jenn said...

Did I ever tell you that Sam was breech up until like, 3 weeks before birth? Like having our insurance yanked wasn't enough. ;) Anyways, I would hang off of the couch (knees on the couch, hands on the ground) and move side to side (swaying, sorta). It's supposed to help "encourage" baby to flip. It worked! They also recommend going to a pool and doing some hand stands under water to help convince baby to turn the right way. But I wasn't putting on a bathing suit that late in the game, oh no! Hope Sesame turns in time!!

Rachel Ross said...

Ahh you're getting so close!!! Turn, baby! Turn!!

Michelle said...

Acupuncture?! Not going to lie, I'd have to have a gun to my head to convince me to do that. I'm an A+ pansy.

Jen said...

You are getting close! Seems like time has flown by.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

I hope it works! I've never had acupuncture, it freaks me out a little!

Mrs. K said...

Can't believe you're so close! K was breech for a long time, too. I googled all kinds of nonsense in hopes he would turn and he eventually did. Good luck! Accupuncture scares me. You're gonna take this delivery like a champ! ;)

Babbling Brook said...

Haha made me laugh when you said you ate the blueberries before you could make that cake! That was cute. You look great!

Just A Girl

Tara G. said...

Just prayed that little one turns for you!!!! You look great!