Monday, September 29, 2014

six month Annabelle

At the exact moment I turned 6 months old we were leaving the Cracker Barrel parking lot.
Daddy always makes me smile!
Vital statistics: I weigh 12 lbs. 9 oz. Mom said she thought I was around 13 or 14lbs. Do I look like a chubby baby?

I dislike: bananas and sleeping for more than 6 hours in a row

My favorite toys are: paper, plastic medicine droppers, hair, eating mail, my rubber ducky

Milestones of my young life this month:
* I roll all over the place. Once Mom wasn't paying attention to me and when Dad asked where I was, she said I was playing on the rug. Except I wasn't. I rolled myself into the corner and nobody knew.
* I just learned how to sit up!
* I tried a lot of food this month. I like carrots, kale, limes, cantaloupe, peppers and apples.
* I hung out with Mom all week while Dad was in the field. I was so glad when he came back.
* I like to wave at everyone and everything with both arms.

* I went to the pet store. Mom was more excited than I was.  

Editorial comments- Five months was not my favorite age so far. She's so fun to play with, but she spent most of the month whining, pulling at her ears, boycotting naps and not sleeping through the night. The fact that she went a week without a dirty diaper didn't help. If she ends up in therapy later in life it will be from the day the doctor told us to use a suppository. I might end up in therapy for that too. 
As fun as it will be to have her first birthday party, I am in NO RUSH. I can't handle how fast she's growing. 
I'm sorry your baby isn't as cute as mine.


Jen said...

She is so adorable and I doubt she will end up in therapy. :)

and then we laughed said...

Stop! She can't be 6 months already. She is adorable and her smile is contagious. You are one lucky mama! :)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

She is just the cutest little gal!!!

Meg Doherty said...

She seriously looks more and more like you everyday, Sarah!! Happy 6 months, Miss Sesame!

Bethany said...

She's the cutest thing ever!!

Allison said...

We used a suppository with Maddie once. I wished I was dead. So did she. Instead of forcing it, I took her into the bath with me and guess who pooped the tub in relative comfort? (hint: it wasn't me)

Motherhood is glam squad.