Tuesday, November 25, 2014

this and that and some other things going on

Wearing: Skinny jeans that are an inch too short and two inches to big around the waist. I've spent most of the day pulling the pants up while ensuring that they don't look too short. They're so comfortable that I haven't changed into pants that actually fit. I'm also wearing fuzzy Christmas socks. It's the season, falala. 

In related wardrobe malfunction stories, the first time we went on a date after the baby was born was for our anniversary. I didn't plan my wardrobe well so I ended up wearing a cute strapless dress with a strapless bra that fit fine in days of yore. I didn't consider my suddenly enlarged chest size when I put the bra on so I spent the whole night reaching down my dress to pull it back up to the right spot. I hate watching people fix their bra but there I was, sitting in a fancy restaurant tugging away. Christopher was never so delighted to be seen with me in public. 

Watching: Gilmore Girls, 19 Kids and Counting and The Blacklist. I would like to move to Stars Hollow and be best friends with everyone in that town. I'm considering naming my next daughter Lorelai. 

Annabelle very seldom watches shows but we always watch 19 Kids together. She is MESMERIZED by Mrs. Duggar. She's stopped crying when Mrs. D appears on the scene more than once. Anyone who can make another persons baby stop crying through a screen deserves some sort of medal. I'd pay quite a bit of money for an extra large dose of Mrs. Duggar's patience and perfect skin. 

The Blacklist. WHERE DO I START. I don't normally watch shows centered around law enforcement but I am hooked. The only problem with the show is I now have 42,000 new ways I might be kidnapped/injured/killed rattling around in my brain. It never occurred to be worried about death through chemical baths BUT NOW I AM. 

Attempting: to decorate a Pinterest worthy Thanksgiving table. It's not going so well. I went to the dollar store to pick up a few Fall decorations but all I found was five rolls of ribbon and some fake fruit. Had I wanted to decorate with stockings or trashy looking Santas there were options galore. 

Reading: a book about Kate Middleton and B is for Bears (Big bears! Little bears! Compassionate bears!). Sometimes we mix it up and read Hippos Go Berserk. Story time over here is WILD.

Discovering: Our baby monitor is an intercom. It was a big discovery for me. My life is so very different than is used to be. 

Wanting: People to stop posting videos on facebook that say, "Grab tissues before you watch this! It's sure to make you cry!" and "If this doesn't make you smile then you don't have a heart!" when it's a video of a cat helping a squirrel climb a bird feeder. I do have a heart, thankyouverymuch. It just doesn't melt when I watch cat videos. 

Wondering: if people still use Twitter or if Instagram has taken over the world. At least I was wondering that until Christopher said, "I was on my twitter account the other day..." Your twitter account? I think the world started spinning in the opposite direction.

Wishing: Annabelle hadn't started laughing during church when the pastor was talking about how his wife died last year. 


Jen said...

Oh Annabelle your timing is impeccable.

Michelle said...

GILMORE GIRLS!! I love that AB is so mesmerized by Michelle Duggar. There is magic in that one, and I hope I have a little of it considering we share a name. Doubtful.

Hippos Go Beserk. I'm intrigued.

I wish people would just stop posting videos online in general.

Bailey Kay said...

I'm home sick from work and I totally am getting into Gilmore Girls. Why isn't Stars Hollow real?!

Angi said...

I love The Blacklist! It's one of those shows we discovered and binge-watched in about a week...and now I'm annoyed that season 2 is still a year away (on Netflix, anyway, we don't have cable).

Sometimes I watch those dumb Facebook videos just to prove my hunch that I will not, in fact, cry while watching.

I was wondering the same thing about Twitter recently! It feels like people don't really use it as much anymore.

Miss to Mrs said...


We can watch Gilmore Girls all day and night. I'll even make cookies.

I'm not sure what the girls will do, but our house is pretty safe for babies. Alyson can keep Annabelle distracted.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

oh how funny, I've started from season one watching Gilmore Girls and I'm on season 3 now I think. joys of having the tv to myself. :) I've been meaning to email you since sunday but of course the show has sucked me in. lol.