Wednesday, December 31, 2014

time to wrap up the Christmas festivities

Every year at this time people are sharing their top moments from the past year and announcing their word for next year. Then there's me, bringing up the rear with late Christmas posts. This year is no different. 

We drove up to Massachusetts for Christmas with my family. I'm sure you're thinking, "Traveling 20 hours in a car with a baby is the most fun I can imagine a person having!" I had the same thought. I set my expectations VERY LOW and expected 19.5 hours of crying. I assumed Annabelle would cry a little too. The whole thing went much more smoothly than expected. The baby cried a grand total of 30 minutes, thanks in no small part to the steady stream of crackers I handed her. She mostly cried in New Jersey but who wouldn't cry going through NJ?

I spent most of last Christmas Day throwing up in a hotel room. I'm thankful to say this year was vomit free and truly delightful.

My aunt married her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. It sealed the deal that my second wedding/vow renewal/ Pinterest wedding will take place at Christmas time. (Yes, I'll be marrying Christopher. People always tell me to clarify.)
Annabelle wore her fanciest party dress to the festivities. She considered it a dress rehearsal for her wedding to George. 
Suddenly her face is half the size of mine.
I searched high and low for the perfect first doll to give Annabelle. When we got the doll out of the box and handed it to AB, she pulled it to her and kissed its head. Try not to slip on the puddle my heart made when it melted on the floor.
I bought this dress last Christmas before I knew I was having a girl. It's too big but I don't care. It's 3 billion times cuter on her than I ever imagined. 
(Just to clear the air- people have said, "Oh, isn't smocking a southern thing? You are becoming a southerner?" The answer is a resounding n-o. I am not. Smocking, big bows, and love of fried okra are where any similarities between myself and southerner begin and end.)
Everyone says Christmas is so much better with a baby. I'm not going to lie. I thoroughly enjoyed the 24 Christmases I sat around without having to change a diaper, pick up puffs of the floor, nurse a baby or put someone down for a nap. But this Christmas with my baby and her baby was pretty special. 


Jen said...

Her dresses are always so darn cute!! :)

Michelle said...

I've always wanted a Christmas wedding, too! Double wedding/vow renewal someday?

In the South but not of the South. That was my motto while living down there and I love that you feel the same. Fried okra forever, though.

Laura Darling said...

I haven't even posted about Christmas yet and don't know if I ever will, so you're ahead of someone! :-) And AB is so smart for crying in Jersey! I'd like to cry when I drive through! :) Such sweet pics!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

So glad you were able to make it home for the wedding!!! AB's dress for it and Christmas day are absolutely beautiful!!! But if we are being Honest Friend, the South and being Southern really isn't that bad lol. But its ok, I wont hold it against you.