Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A day in my life. The diary of a one year old.

6:54- I wake up and start my morning monologue until Mama comes to get me up.
7:02- First breakfast!
7:08- Story time. We read Mother Goose four times. Mom tries to read me a chapter book while I pull everything off the shelves.
7:54- Time to go downstairs! We open the blinds and look at our neighbors driveways to see who's home. Dad says it nosy but Mom says it being informed.
8:05- Mom gets dressed in the bathroom while I sit outside the door and holler.
8:10- I discover the closet door is open so I go right in and pull robes onto the floor.
8:20- Breakfast outside! We usually eat breakfast inside but we ate supper outside last night and Mom forgot to bring my highchair in so she said it would be less work to eat out there. I eat corn flakes with milk for the first time. I don't understand this concept of eating crunchy and liquid food at the same time.
8:40- The neighbor's cat comes over. BEST DAY OF MY LIFE.
9:02- The cat leaves and I'm bored so I start to climb into my pool. Mom says it's not swimming time yet but I don't mind because THE CAT IS BACK!!!!!
9:40- Daddy comes back from pt an hour late. I show him my shoes.
9:44- I insist Mom puts my shoes on before I enjoy my first morning snack.
10:00- Nap #1.
11:20- Naptime ends
11:22- I eat my toothbrush while playing with an empty vitamin container and a ball. I realize I'm not being held and start to cry. I cry almost every time I'm farther than 3 centimeters from Mom.
11:50- Mom makes me pasta for lunch but I want no part of it. I eat 3/4 of a banana instead.
12:20- I get my hand stuck in the trash can while attempting to pull out the banana peel.
12:50- Mom says we have errands to do so she puts me in my car seat. I sit there for at least 10 minutes while she cleans the living room and looks for my bow. She forgot she gave me it to me to hold.
1:15- Mom lets me hold a balloon at Walgreens. I am giddy with excitement. She shows me a animated card of Minnie Mouse using a hula hoop and I freak out. That's not the Minnie I know and love.
1:32- We find Minnie Mouse fabric at the Hob Lob! Mom says she'll make me a dress with it but then she puts it back and says it isn't nice enough. What? Who will be wearing the dress? ME, that's who. I liked the fabric.
2:10- Back at home and Mom's laying on the floor "resting". I stick my toothbrush in her mouth. She doesn't like it.
2:22- Nap #2.
3:48- I'm up! I'm up! I want to play outside! Mama puts on my swim diaper and bathing suit. I walk around the deck while eating an apple slice and feeling very important.

4:14- I find a giant beetle in my pool and pick it. It gets stuck to my hand and Mom freaks out and smacks it off. I don't care if it's stuck to me so I pick it up again. Mom will only pick it up with a shovel. She says it needs to go "see its mommy". (Editorial comment: I threw it over the side of the deck.)
5:12- I can't believe Mama thinks she needs to make supper. I hold onto her leg and cry until she picks me up. I'm not interested in playing with my blocks. I want my mother.
5:47- I take a pause from holding onto Mom and recognize that Dad's home.
6:12- Tacos for supper. I love it all, but especially the cheese. I make a huge mess on my chair and the floor, but that's how I roll.
6:58- Mom gives me a bath and gets my pajamas on. I'm not a fan of having my hair washed. It's like she thinks I have taco meat up there or something.
7:15- We go for our nightly walk. We see the cat on our way back and Mom names it Harriet Tubman. I think my favorite phrase "uh-oh'' is a better name.
8:02- I go to bed 32 minutes after my bedtime. I decide I'm not into this bed business and cry until Daddy comes and gives me a bottle. He's all I need.
8:44- One hour and fourteen minutes after bedtime and I'm just now about to fall asleep. I think I'll dream about Harriet Tubman.


Jen said...

Wow you are a rockstar!!!

Meg Taylor said...

This is so so so cute, Sarah!! That photo of Sesame in her swimsuit is adorable :)

and then we laughed said...

Sounds like quite the day! :)

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a busy day little lady!

Miss to Mrs said...

She still takes 2 naps a day?!!! Oh hold on to that for dear life!!! Don't let her get wind of this one nap a day business.

Michelle said...

I love this! I'm also terrified of Gracie being this age. Please come help me.

Rachel Ross said...

It's rough being a 1 year old! 😉