Monday, November 9, 2015

I will not be naming any fish after Bill Clinton

I'm pleased to say Christopher's birthday party went off without a hitch. Sure, we started eating 14 minutes late but compared to other years it was nearly flawless. I tried two new recipes which both turned out well and Annabelle behaved perfectly. Last year on his birthday I dressed Sesame up in a party hat and dress and stuck her in the swing while I made fried shrimp. Naturally Christopher got delayed at work and by the time he got home AB was falling apart and the shrimp was soggy. We make our party plans but the Army dictates if they actually happen. Two years ago I was pregnant and trying not to throw up. All in all this year was much more enjoyable. I ended up ordering him his favorite German sausage as a gift. Giving meat really felt like a low point in my gift-giving career, but I had literally zero other options.

I honestly can't remember what we did on Saturday. I remember that Christopher won the sleep-in lottery so I got up with Annabelle but that's nothing new. I do remember we had the following conversation when discussing the royals:

C: Is she (Kate) still pregnant?
Me: She had the baby in May. YOU DON'T REMEBER?!?!?!
C: No. What was it?
Me: A girl! We wore our tiaras and celebrated!
I guess our celebration wasn't memorable enough. We'll have to kick it up a notch for the next royal baby. Tea and crumpets for everyone.

Sunday was a memorable day. We added a new member to the family. Meet Millard T. Fillmore, esteemed Admiral in the Fish Fleet.
I've wanted a fish for a while and now that we don't have plans to move for the next few years it seemed like a good time. It was not my intention to name him after a president. I picked out the name Fillmore but couldn't decide on a first name. I considered Frederick, Richard and Norman but none were right. The merry go round to pick his perfect first name was similar to the merry go round we went on while picking Annabelle's name. Her name was decided last minute as I was being rolled off to the operating room. (I most graciously allowed Christopher his chosen name which has given me naming rights to any and all future children.) Admiral Fillmore's name was finalized in the pet store parking lot. If Millard Fillmore was a good enough name for a president, it's a good enough name for a fish.  

I have a long history of giving my pets lengthy names. When I was young I had a rabbit named Lance Corporal Brigadier General Bomber, or LCBG Bomber for short. I made up an elaborate story about how he was a decorated war hero from the Bunny Corps. When he died, my siblings 
grudgingly willingly attended his military funeral complete with American flags. It was very dramatic. 

Because I love a good comparison, here are Fillmore the man and Fillmore the (grumpy) fish. They do bear a slight resemblance in the hair/fin areas. 


Laura Darling said...

I'm glad the bday went well! :) So fun that you got a fish. I got a betta fish in college and named him Buddy. I ended up leaving him home with my parents on one of my breaks because when I purchased him, I did not factor in how inconvenient it is to transport a fish on a three hours bus ride home every break. He lived a long happy life with my parents. But now I wish I'd given him a more creative name than Buddy!

Michelle said...

The Fillmore pictures are hysterical. I love it!

How did the scones turn out?

Meg Taylor said...

Uhhh, first, can we talk about how much Millard Fillmore looks like Alec Baldwin?! Weird. Second - awesome fish name. I keep saying I want to name pets after presidents. SO many good ones: Grover, Garfield, Franklin, Harry, Chester! We named our first Betta Alpha (kind of ironically), but now we decided that we're going to go down the NATO phonetic alphabet, so I guess that first fish's name was actually Alfa, and now we have Bravo!

Jen said...

Haha I seriously love the Fish name, so awesome!

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

I love you little fishy!!!! Glad to hear y'all had a wonderful birthday celebration with Christopher. :)