Monday, February 29, 2016

party like it's February 29th

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to exactly no one, but I enjoy a good party/any chance to celebrate an occasion. That's why I got out my Leap Year Day decor.
On Saturday we dropped Sesame off with friends and went on a date. We went to the art museum because we're very cultured. Also because we have a pass so we got in for free. Christopher is a good art museum person. He really appreciates it. I don't think I'm really the target audience. It never occurs to me to make a trip to the art museum for the special Monet exhibit. I have four Monet waterlily paintings in my house that I see every single day.  Instead of intently reading the signs by the artwork I glance over it then talk about why I think the person who wrote the description is wrong. I'm always more impressed with the way the vinyl words on the wall describing the exhibit are placed so perfectly straight. I tried to hang a vinyl sign that said "Bless this house" in our first apartment and it took forty minutes and seven tries to get it straight.

You know what I have? A crumpled paper bag I can add to the paper bag exhibit. I rolled my eyes so far I saw the back on my head.
Sunday morning we went to church and decided that it's probably time we check out a different church. AB decided she didn't want to nap for the second day in a row so we walked around the mall for a while. Stylin Sesame made a celebrity appearance.  
"I wub you, kitty! You so ca-UTE!"
I did Zumba at the Y this morning. I hadn't taken a class there before and I thought maybe I misread the schedule and was in the seniors class. There were 25 elderly ladies...and me. When I walked in, two ladies were walking out talking about their sciatica pain. Twenty minutes later my hips and knees hurt so bad. All the old ladies were dancing like pros and I felt like I was barely hobbling around. I've done zumba for five years and the one day my body isn't into it is the day I'm 40 years younger than everyone else.

For the record, I blame my old shoes for my aches and pains. It had nothing to do with taking a seven month vacation from zumba.


Amanda said...

OOOOH I have sciatica pain too. I blame the baby and extra weight I am carrying. But at least you went to zumba and the art gallery, huh? You are very diversified.

♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Oh I bet that was a sight to see!!! You and some sweet granny's doing Zumba together. Bahhhh don't let them out do you now 😘

Jen said...

She looks too cute in the sunglasses!