Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I'm back with more words than ever

Well. It has been a while.

How are you? How's the family?

Usually when I disappear from the old blawg it's because absolutely nothing worth nothing has happened. I can only write about going to story time or grocery shopping so many times. This time I have a good reason for my unintended break- we've become world travelers. Or more accurately, eastern United States travelers. We left home last Thursday and have been going ever since.

As usual, I tried packing light but I failed. It takes all my strength to pull the suitcase into each new hotel. I think AB was trying to give hints about packing less when she was taking things out of the suitcases as I put them in. Christopher couldn't come because of work but he probably would have only packed four articles of clothing and a toothbrush.
Our first stop was Columbus, Ohio to visit our good friends Michelle and Gracie. Gracie was a perfect angel who sat on the couch giggling at nothing. My child spent the visit unpacking Michelle's yarn, taking all the toys out and getting cracker crumbs on the floor. We didn't have nearly enough time together so we're planning a visit for my birthday. We'll have some wild times out by the kiddie pool. You may recall the time my car was broken into during our first visit to Columbus. During our second visit something from the car in front of me flew into my car which resulted in needing a new bumper. I expected a car issue this visit so I wasn't surprised when the malfunction indicator light came on as soon as I left Michelle's house. Ohio hates my car. 
You'd never know by looking at this that A & G are (supposed to be) best friends.
They like to keep their enthusiasm under wraps.
The main reason for our cross-country tour was my cousin's wedding outside of Nashville. It was held outdoors at a mansion and was absolutely delightful. At one point during the ceremony the officiant started to pray so I told Annabelle to fold her hands. She thought I wanted her to pray so she folded her hands and said, "Dear Jesus. Thank you for my food and my grandma." I'm glad my lessons on prayer are sinking in but I guess it's time we focus on when to not pray out loud.
As soon as the dancing started after the reception twenty people rushed to the dance floor. Nineteen of them were my close relatives. We've got moves and we aren't afraid to show them.
Spending quality time with her constant dance partner, Mr. Lion.
Next up on our tour was a quick visit to Fort Campbell, our former home. I know a lot of people don't like being stationed there but I did. I know where everything is in Clarksville, we made wonderful friends there and it's where we had Sesame. I was extremely sentimental during the whole visit. Sweet Tiffany let us and our 8 bags spend two nights at her immaculate house. AB found a piece of styrofoam and when she wasn't putting it in her mouth ("I eating snow, Mama!") she spread it around the house. You know what I hate cleaning up? Little pieces of styrofoam. Tiffany is having a baby boy in September so we had a little baby shower for her last night. I'm so sad I won't get to meet him right away. So many friends who live far away are having babies right now. I need people to consult me before getting pregnant so I can schedule my life around their due dates.
SPEAKING OF BABIES. In January Daniel told me Erika was pregnant. I cannot fully convey my excitement. I've been waiting for them to have a baby ever since October 24th, 2009 aka the day they got married. I have been planning their baby shower since they got engaged. I've even had a gift for that long. When I found out my dream was coming true I did the following:
1. screamed
2. kicked party planning into high gear

Erika's due date is May 19th so the plan was to drive from Tennessee to Massachusetts and have her baby shower on April 30th. I have never been so excited about a new baby. Quite possibly I'm more excited about this baby than I was about my own baby the day she was born. (People don't admit if the day their baby was born wasn't the best day of their life but I am. I'll even start a group if anyone wants to join.) I was bummed about not being able to see her right when she's born but I was planning on making a trip down in June.


On an excitement scale of 1 to 10 I'm somewhere around 570.

She's just shy of a month early and mostly healthy but she's in the NICU for precautionary reasons. I've seen pictures and she was wearing a hat with a flower bow so obviously I'm a very proud aunt. We were planning on leaving Tennessee today anyway but this big news kicked us into high gear. When Mom was talking to Daniel this morning he said, "There's no need to rush back." AS IF WE AREN'T GOING TO SPEED THE WHOLE WAY. 


Jen said...

The picture of her in front of the mirror is hilarious!

Amanda said...

Seriously can relate to cleaning up styrofoam pieces. Rob bought a new grill and assembled it in the living room and the styrofoam crap was EVERYWHERE. Ugh. Anyway --- three cheers for new babies and road trips!