Tuesday, July 12, 2016

next thing you know I'll be a mom volunteer

Let me tell you about my day.

First of all, my bra wouldn't stop squeaking. I know. I didn't think bras made noises either. It was a new bra and I guess it had to be broken in. Every time I'd move I'd have a soundtrack from under my shirt. It was very attractive.

Second, I had to be at the doctors at 8:30. I don't know why I made an appointment for so early. I remember making the appointment and agreeing to the time but not really thinking it through until after I hung up. 

Third, the doctor performed the test that every woman dreads. From under the sheet I heard her say, "You really don't like this, do you?" DOES ANYONE? DOES ANYONE LIKE THIS?

And finally, I signed Annabelle up for school. Technically it's a parents day out program and not a real school, but it's in a preschool and AB thinks it's real school. To send or not to send her, that was the question. I debated about it long and hard with myself and Christopher (and my poor friends who were the recipients of 15 million texts on the topic). I firmly think she's too young for school but this is basically a glorified play date and we could both use some time away from each other. I don't have a babysitter here yet so we spend all the minutes/24/7/365 together. I need a consistent break for my mental health and sanity.

I got emotional when the teacher was giving us a tour. I worked in a preschool for 6 years. I've always been the one to care for the kids but now I'm the one leaving my child. What if she needs me??? Today it's PDO, tomorrow she'll be graduating college. Sunrise, sunset and all that.
Then I thought about three hours all to myself every week and the mood really brightened.
Not to over exaggerate, but freedom makes me feel like this:
I just received this email from Miss Trish the principle.
Yes! Let's give two year olds a bunch of sharpies!
She needs to bring supplies? Isn't the check I gave them enough? 


Debbie said...

Hi! I am a grandma to two...one being almost exactly Annabelle's age. Lest you think your readers are comprised of only young moms, this grandma right here loves to read your blog! You are hysterically funny, always brighten my day, and must be so much fun to be around! Always keep your sense of humor....its such a gift! Can't wait till your next adventure!

Jen said...

The school supply lists are crazy to me, some of the stuff on them is nuts!

Amanda said...

You go mama! But sharpies for children?? Sounds like a teacher is getting her fix in!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

You (and she) will love it! All my dudes did MMO programs and we all benefitted from it. Poor Griff just gets free babysitting at the Y while I pretend like I enjoy the treadmill...