Tuesday, August 2, 2016

let's go ride a bike

If I've mentioned it once I've mentioned it 38 times. I don't enjoy teaching people to ride bikes. It's up there with pulling teeth and potty training. Maybe it's slightly better than potty training. In a GREAT show of motherly love, I bought Annabelle a bike at the consignment shop.

It didn't start off so well.
Once Sesame Pie was vertical she started taking passengers.
Honeypot was the first customer.
She's still learning how to pedal so I usually reserve bike for when Christopher is home. I bought the bike so I think all my bike riding responsibilities are complete. 


Laura Darling said...

Looks like she's getting the hang of it! So cute!

Emily said...

Lilly has this same trike, and its so cute! She saw a pink one at the store last week on vacation, and told us we needed to get the pink one for her so she could give the red one to her brother. HA!!!! Love seeing A in L's dresses too! It does my heart good to see another family loving them!

Jen said...

She is too cute on her bike, I love it.