Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Today was Annabelle's big day and she could not have been more thrilled.

We brought rice krispie treats to school, got a special treat at Dunkin Donuts and had her requested pizza for supper. Our landlords father loves Annabelle and he showed up at the door with three cupcakes. I lit a candle to put on the table and she was so excited about it we all took turns singing happy birthday to each other. She was besides herself with joy.
I almost missed the 60 second opportunity to take her picture at 1:40 (the time she was born), but I got it just in the knick of time.
She's wearing the blue "trash bow" I found in a puddle at the end of our driveway before she was born. It was the first bow she ever wore. I was in excruciating pain after the csection but through the fog I focused in on one thing- someone HAD to put a bow on her so everyone would know she was not a boy.

 It's SHOCKING how quickly the time has passed since that first 1:40. 
How many years can I get away with dressing her in a tutu skirt?
I might be biased, but I think she's the cutest 3 year old around. 


Jen said...

What a special 3rd birthday for this sweet girl! :)

Laura Darling said...

I'm so glad her birthday included a trip to DD. You are raising her right.