Friday, July 7, 2017

aunt camp 2017

Aunt Camp 2016 was such a success we immediately knew it would be an annual event. We arrived at Ivy's house last Wednesday to start the festivities. Annabelle likes to play a new car game of counting the house/buildings/trees/cars we drive by. She doesn't enjoy playing alone, will only count to 19 before starting at 1 again and likes to change the rules so it's not my favorite game. It was a long hour drive from Grammy's to Ivy's house.

Look at Ivy's adorable little face. If you don't think she's cute we can't be friends.
Each day of Aunt Camp started off with a trip to the playground. Our goal was to tire the girls out and make them take good naps. I think it tired out Erika and I more than the girls. One afternoon we went to a science and nature museum called the Ecotarium. Annabelle insisted it was called "da EcoAquarium." They had a huge outdoor play area that was perfect for kids Annabelle's age. There was dirt, sand, rocks, water and musical instruments which is all Annabelle needs to be happy. Thankfully she can't read so she missed the sign saying it was mud activity day.
"Can you take my pit-chur?" 
At night the camp counselors sat on the couch to recover from the days activities. We watched shows and talked for hours. We all get along so well and enjoy spending time together. It's exactly what I pictured life with a sister in law and niece would be.

We saw adorable patriotic dresses at Walmart so we bought them for the girls. Erika asked if she thought Ivy needed a bow. AS IF I WOULD SAY NO. We had big plans of a cousins photo shoot but didn't plan the timing well. Ivy was awake past naptime and Annabelle was acting like a typical three year old. It did not go smoothly.
Multiple adults were needed.
We finally got these winning pictures. 
I told AB that when Ivy is older they can be best friends. She said, "She's already my best friend." 


Jen said...

AB is so cute, I love what she said!!! They are so cute together.

Laura Darling said...

They are the cutest together. The photo wrangling pics are the best.