Friday, August 14, 2009

I Have Been Summoned...

...and that makes me oh-so-happy.

I seem to be the person who doesn't mind doing or going to what most other people don't like. For example, two of the biggies are graduations and jury duty. I have been waiting my whole life (alt est the last 10 years of my life) for jury duty. I don't know when or where I got the idea that jury duty is "fun" but ever since I heard of it, I wanted it to be me that decided where how many years bank robbers got, and what happened to the big-time criminals.

I had a high romanticized version of what happens at our local courthouse.

So anyway, I have finally been called to do my civic duty and report for jury duty in November. We all know that I most likely won't be needed(how can they even think of being so heartless when I've waited all these years?)but who knows? Maybe I'll actually get to sit on a real jury and decide what happens the guy who scribbled all over a stop sign.

In the meantime, I'll be studying my Jurors Manual and finding out all the important details such as 'what should I wear?' and 'if there is an emergency, the judge will decide whether its real or not'.

That last statement is sure to make the judge alot of friends.

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Ashli said...

I have left and award for you on my blog!