Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Meet Molly...

...the adorable flower girl.

It's so sweet to see much my cousin Molly loves Erika. She constantly talks about her and has begun making her all sort of gifts: necklaces made from ponytail holders, earrings from construction paper, and piles of colored pictures. I'm sure she'll have some made-with-love gifts to give Erika at the bridal shower on Saturday!*
You can imagine how excited she is now that she's been asked to be a
real flower girl in a real wedding! She's been asking so many questions about what she'll be wearing, what flowers she'll have and if she gets to "help Erika get married".
She loves the idea that her and I are both in the same wedding because "we're both Erika's friends". I love that idea too! ♥

* If I don't make another apperance for a few days,its because I am so extrodinarily busy getting ready for the shower. We have taken the term "bridal shower" to a whole new level!! Lots of pictures will be coming! :)

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