Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch

The other day I took my young charges down the road to the pumpkin patch. {Hence the above title and below picture.}
The pumpkins had something to say:
The poor pumpkins didn't know what hit them when Zachary and Molly arrived. I spent the whole visit being the Official Pumpkin Spokesperson and defending their poor stems from over-eager pumpkin-picking children. 

Speaking of pumpkins{as if this whole post isn't about them}, I was studying the various types of pumpkins at the patch and made the following scientific chart based on my observations: 

Exhibit A- normal, average, typical, usual, round orange pumpkins
Exhibit B- odd, very bumpy, wrinkly green pumpkin
Exhibit C- very odd, over-grown deformed acorn shaped pumpkins{or is it really a type of squash?}
Exhibit D- very lovely, multi-colored rainbow pumpkin{my personal favorite}

The pumpkin patch was in the front yard of a church so they made this cross with teeny-tiny pumpkins.

The most exciting part of our visit was playing hide-and-seek in the pumpkins. I didn't hide because I had to be the responsible photographer, but it provided endless fun for the kids. 

The two cutest little pumpkins ever.
{I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist calling them little pumpkins.}

ps. When we got home, Zachary and I played 15 consecutive games of Pick-Up Sticks. My humility prevents me from saying who won the first 14 games. 

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Laura Darling said...

Wow...who knew pumpkins had such strong feelings?! And apparently I live under a rock because I thought the whole point of the stem was so you had something to pick them up with! What's it really there for?!

And I LOVED your comment. We should totally plan a shopping trip someday! We will surely get all the best bargains in town!