Monday, October 4, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters
1. Awards

Natalie gave me an award and I am very honored. I'm also very late in passing it on because she gave it to me over two weeks ago. I think I've been just a tad busy lately. Without further delay, I pass it on to the following: 

Laura- because her posts always make me smile
Melanie- because I like her...and because I've known her since I was very small...and because I could have sworn that when she moved it was at least an hour away until I went to visit her and I only had to drive 15 minutes. 

Not that I should be surprised by that considering I have the direction skills of a 3 year old.

Julie- because she's sort-of-my-friend-I-just-haven't-meet-yet. The fact that she lives waaaay out in California and I live waaaay out here doesn't help to solve that problem. She has a little bald baby that is so deliciously cute it's probably just as well we didn't live nearby. Let's just say that Julie would be minus a child and I'd be plus one.

2. My new best friends
Don't tell Katie, but I have a couple new best friends. Meet my cup of tea and my box of tissues. They're helping me through this difficult time of cold and fluness. {Why does Spell checker have to tell me that 'fluness' is not a real word? Obviously it has no creativity.}

3. Birthdays
As further proof that I have been a tad busy and sick lately, let's consider for a moment the fact that I forgot about not one, but TWO birthdays. As the Italian guy in The Princess Bride would say, "it's inconceivable".

First we have the lovely Amandathe wearer of yellow flowers and the brains behind the Civil War ball. 
Second is Nikki, sister of my small, gum-eating, lovable little boyfriend Noah.
I just realized she turned 16 which means she can drive. Why do these people think they can grow up without my permission? Noah is never going to grow up. I won't let him. If he ever tries to go to college, I'm going with him. 

4. Autumn and Joanna

Just because they haven't made an appearance in a while{and also because they're two of my very cool peeps}. 

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Laura Darling said...

Woo an award! Thank you! I'm sorry you're sick! :-( That's the worst. I was sick last week. I really only felt horrible Monday and Tuesday but I milked it for all it was worth and had people feeling sorry for me until at least Friday. haha. I hope you feel better soon!