Thursday, February 9, 2012

friends help us get a beautiful life

My Zumba teacher is a very sweet lady named Belem. She moved here from Mexico a few years ago and has worked very hard to learn English. She's so cute when she talks because she's still learning the language, and she's constantly talking about how fascinated (and sometimes frustrated) she is with American culture. Just yesterday she asked me to explain to her what the groundhog of Groundhog Day has to do with winter. I said he really has nothing to do with how much winter we have ahead of us, so basically it's a pointless event in our American lives. AND YET WHAT HE PREDICTS MAKES IT ONTO NATIONAL NEWS. Sometimes I don't even understand our culture. We decided that OBVIOUSLY we'll have six more weeks of winter since the first day of spring isn't for six weeks after Groundhog day. We don't need a little prairie animal to tell us that. 

She heard this is my last week at Zumba before I move, so she gave me the sweetest card and tiny Vera Bradley bag. I know it's still difficult for her to write in English so it was very sweet of her to do it for me.

My favorite part is, "I hope you get a beautiful life".

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homespun said... that Herbalife in the background???

...........WOW, ZUMBA and nutriton under one-roof,

very COOL!!!!!!!!

your friends at mn <3