Sunday, February 26, 2012

Patrick Dempsey, my other good friend, might be jealous when he reads this

Christopher didn't have to work on Friday so our long weekend started off with a bang: we went to the laundry mat.

I know.

Try not to be jealous of our highly exciting weekends.

I hadn't been to the laundry mat in at least fifteen years so it was an experience. Just as I finished pouring a big cup of detergent into the special detergent spot, Christopher asked me, "Is that detergent or fabric softener?" It was indeed fabric softener. And to think that I spent a good seven minutes smelling various flower and fruit scented detergents at the store only to purchase softener by mistake instead. While my clothes may not have been exceptionally clean, they were exceptionally soft.

Saturday morning I awoke to the sound of bacon sizzling on the stove. I lay there for quite a while thinking how sweet it was that Christopher was making me breakfast. I was even going so far as to wonder if it was going to be breakfast in bed when I realized I couldn't smell any bacon. Upon further investigation, I realized the sizzling sound was not bacon. It was the water running in the sink while Christopher washed the dishes. It was very sweet of him to wash the dishes, but I must admit it wasn't nearly as tasty as a fresh plate of bacon.

That evening we had a date night. We now pose outside for all our pictures because HELLO! we have a lovely background.
We went to see The Vow and oh my word was it sweet. I loved it. I like that for once someone made a movie about a married couple being in love as opposed to married people running off with someone else's spouse.

The fact that my good friend Channing Tatum was in fine form didn't hurt either.
Just sayin'.


Julie Danielle said...

Dishes vs bacon...that is Both would be great things to wake up to.

The New "Normal" said...

There are times when I'd like the dishes as much as the bacon! I really, really want to see The Vow. I'm trying to talk mu husband into taking me, so far not working... And I would definitely not question it if Channing Tatum told me he was my husband, great photo!