Wednesday, December 11, 2013

it's more of an all out estate than a regular house, what with the landscaping and all

We really thought we couldn't top our gingerbread house last year. Nothing could have been farther from the truth. I don't mean to boast but our house knocks all the other gingerbread houses off the shelf.

Christopher decorated the front and the little man. The roof, sides, and carefully assembled walkway were a joint effort.
We probably spent 10 minutes individually icing the tiny candy balls leading up to the door. Don't come between us and a bag of piping.
I decorated the back of the house. It has a swirls and hearts theme.
Notice how no two gumballs along the wall are the same color. She who shall remain nameless was very insistent that be the case.

Dear Sesame (and all future children),
We love you and look forward to decorating a gingerbread house with you, but don't be offended when if we make our own on the side. We don't like icing to go where icing doesn't belong.

Your adoring and slightly particular parents


Jenn said...

Sesame's gonna rock yo' world! ;) Seriously. Next time I "make" a gingerbread house, I'm hot-gluing the damn thing together before anyone touches a piping bag. Also, red icing stains. It stains bad.

Allison said...

It's sweet that you think you'll have the energy to make your own baller gingerbread house after Sesame comes into this world. As I said to Jenn yesterday, in so many words, "You managed to make a Christmas craft with your kids!? You're the mom of the year, nay the decade, nay the century." She's got a gingy house. I've got a real house with no decorations, but for a rogue string of colored icicles hung from our countertop. All that to say- kids is hard.