Wednesday, December 4, 2013

we also have some diapers so you know things are getting serious over here

We recently painted Sesame's bedroom. Before you panic and leave comments about fumes and how I shouldn't be painting, let me ease your minds and tell you I didn't do any actual painting. I enjoy painting, but after two visits to the Home Depot paint department where I barely made it out without getting sick, I decided to take the supervisory role. Somebody had to do it. Since I thoroughly enjoy telling people my (usually unwanted) opinion on whatever they're doing, it wasn't much of a hardship. As a brief side note, have you ever considered that Home Depot has no seating arrangements for those whose vision is blurry and feel they're about to faint? All they have are toilet displays and I wasn't about to go there. 
Here I am in all my makeupless, klassy sweatpants outfit glory. It's important to have some documentation for years down the road when Sesame thinks all I did before he/she was born was pose next to chalkboards.
We choose a grayish/light blueish/light lilacish color. It changes depending on the lighting and how you tip your head and we really like it. Every other room in our house is yellowish (the owners aren't very creative) and sometimes I look in the nursery just for a change of color scenery. 
We've also spent many hours assembling baby furniture. 
Again, Christopher assembled and I supervised. I failed to tell him to put the mattress frame for on the highest level until after he had assembled the whole thing, but I was in the middle of cooking him a Thanksgiving turkey so I deserve a little slack.  
In the picture below, we see Mel Gibson supervising the bureau assembly. Either that or he's running for his life. I'd bet on the later.
In other baby news, I ordered a car seat. Between that and the crib there's no going back now. 


Jen said...

I love the color you chose!

Joy said...

So excited for you, Sarah! I've really been enjoying your posts. :)

Rachel Ross said...

Exciting! Baby will be here before you know it! I hope you get an extremely easy baby, you deserve it after this pregnancy!

Emily said...

So exciting!!!!! I remember putting together baby furniture like it was many screws!

Meg Doherty said...

Yaaayy I love all of this!!! Christopher is the best to put so much together (umm...not that he had a whole ton of choice ;) ). You must be getting excited!!

whit | Black Little Button blog said...

yeah!! i'm getting a carseat for xmas and i couldn't be more excited! :)

Allison said...

You LIKE to paint?! Please follow me around to every house we move into from now on. Thanks.