Monday, June 23, 2014


Overcome and saddened by the fact that I found a dead ant inside my closed container of Cool Whip. How did the ant manage to walk fast enough that it made it into the refrigerator before the door was shut, climb up to the second from the top shelf and into the cool whip?! 

Not caring one bit about the World Cup. 

Uncomfortable in dressing rooms. Years ago I saw an episode of Oprah about people putting cameras in hotel room bathrooms and in my young and impressionable mind that translated to CAMERAS ARE EVERYWHERE THEY SHOULDN'T BE and I've felt uncomfortable ever since. 

Trying to convince Christopher to read this book. He says he won't because it's "too emotional".
Put down whatever young adult fiction you're reading about vampires and pick up this book. It is so so good. Don't come back to me after you read it complaining about how I should have told you it's also sad. I don't feel the need to point that out because if you're reading this you can read the subtitle. After you read it:
1. Look them up on facebook (It's VERY IMPORTANT you'd don't jump the gun and do this before reading it.)
2. Come back here and discuss it with me. I need someone to talk to about it since Christopher won't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Debating whether or not to buy white shorts. They look cute on others and in my minds eye look cute on me, but when I try them on (in a dressing room no less) all my concerns about white shorts come back to me. I'm guaranteed to spill something on them when I'm in public and have no other clothing available. Or I'll chose the wrong color underwear and everyone will know. Either way it's a lose-lose situation.

Wondering whether the storm outside is a regular thunderstorm or a tornado. Christopher is always telling me to go in the closet under the stairs in the event of a tornado but it would be a real bother to go there only to find out this is a regular thunderstorm. On the other hand, it would be unfortunate to discover this is a real tornado and I'm still sitting at the kitchen table. Why is life so complicated.

Feeling like the Duggars because I bought a 15 roll pack of paper towels.

Tickled to have found this onesie for Annabelle.
I'll have to get her a polka dot bow to match.


Bailey Kay said...

I read that book. It was SOOO good! I can't even imagine carrying a baby that you thought was yours but wasn't.

Jen said...

I have wanted to read that book and maybe now it's time.

Michelle said...

AMEN about the World Cup. I could not care less and I really don't want to hear about it anymore.

The dressing rooms!! I feel the same way! I've heard stories about cameras in the public bathrooms AND about dressing rooms, so I'm always saying my prayers. I'm going to tell you something horrifying...I read a news article a year or so ago about a man who somehow (I've never figured out how this worked) found some public toilet or something where he removed a pipe and hid underground and could see right up into the toilet bowl...and beyond. I think about it every single time I use a bathroom that isn't mine.

I PROMISE I WILL READ THE BOOK!! Just let me finish my current library haul, and then I'll get it next. Already bracing myself for sobbing and excited to emotionally text you.

Do you guys have tornado sirens? That's the only way I can distinguish (other than obsessively checking And when they go off, I PANIC.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Now that you said not to look at their facebook, i want to look at their facebook! But I wont and instead I will order the book and discuss with you soon.

Rachel Ross said...

That onesie-so cute! Layla was soo bald for so long! And the World Cup-couldn't care less either. I am not a soccer fan by any means!

Mrs. K said...

Maybe I'll read that book when my class is over next week. ONE MORE WEEK. Listen, I think you should move closer. I wanted to get my hands on your sweet girl, but I refrained because I have a case of ringworm. Gross. You're welcome.