Wednesday, July 16, 2014

it's a miracle we made it back to Tennessee without turning around

Over the weekend Annabelle and I traveled to Georgia with Mom and Elizabeth for the wedding of Elizabeth's boyfriend's sister. 
The wedding was on top of a mountain and the temperature was no less than 140* with humidity at around 3,000%. I melted so much while helping decorate for the wedding that I'm only 1/3 the size I was when I got there. I'd be three times bigger if I had been offered the entire a piece of the groom's cake. 
Back at the hotel, Annabelle couldn't believe her good fortune when I let her lay on the king sized bed.
We visited a Civil War battlefield and Annabelle wanted to pose by the Ulysses S. Grant sign. Long live the north.
It's one of my main goals as a mother for Sesame to think of me as the Cool Mom. That's why I showed her 14 different ways one can have fun in a hotel room. Mom says this picture makes me look like Dolly Parton. I'm not sure if that's a compliment or not.
"Train up your child in the way she should jump on a bed and when she is old she will call you the Cool Mom."
Proverbs 47:12 
Annabelle did her best to jump be like Dolly Parton Jr. but the carseat really cramped her style.
Aunt Squiddz got in on the action too. The following photo has been censored to keep this a family friendly website.
We look all smiley and happy here, but for about half the trip we were totally lost as we drove the back roads of Tennessee and Georgia and some people may have cried. 
I can't stress enough how IT WAS NOT MY FAULT WE WERE LOST. Mom has the worlds most subpar map app on her phone that she thinks is great. It is not. I pointed that out even before we left my driveway but Mom was insistent that it would be fine. She was insistent about when we were lost for 58 minutes bringing Elizabeth to the rehearsal and when we turned around 6 times trying to get to the wedding. The reasons I'm discussing this are purely to promote myself. I told her the app wouldn't work and it didn't. For once in my life I was not to blame for people wandering around lost on random roads. I do so enjoy being right. The weekend was good for my self-esteem. 


stephanie said...

Everything about this post made me laugh! I also appreciate your photo censoring haha. Also this is early and call me crazy but if you see this lets hang out maybe! Oh yes I went there, if you didn't sing that let's reevaluate our friendship. For real though if y'all are free today we, for once, have nothing on our agenda until 4 pm. That's about as rare as a unicorn sighting these days :-)

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Being a native, I have to admit that I was trying to figure out where y'all were lost. I hope that it was in the daytime as some mountain areas are not sightseeing-appropriate for ladies and a Sesame. (Read: Sketchy with shades of Deliverance) Long live the Great State of Tennessee!

And as always, I love Miss Annabelle's expression and how she is all, "Yes, I have champagne tastes. This hotel is acceptable."

Tara G. said...

Two words: swim mom. That's why I haven't checked in on this absolutely darling baby!! What a great smile, Sarah!!! You look fantastic, too! :)

Renae said...

Love this cool mom!! Came over from Kellys Korner!