Monday, February 23, 2015

all about Annabelle

Or Why I no longer have time to blog

* She's made it her personal goal this month to never be farther than 6 centimeters away from me. She's reached that goal over and over and over and over and over again.
A little light reading about the inventions of Benjamin Franklin.
* When she's not six centimeters away from me, I stay VERY VERY quiet and not make sudden movements so she won't realize she's not glued to my legs. One day she was occupying herself and it was so glorious that I wanted the moment to last forever. When I did look at her, she was stuffing her mouth with dirt from the little potted pine tree I bought at Christmas. I fished out as much as I could then gave her water to wash down the rest.

* Her favorite past times include:
pulling things off shelves
tugging on my pants
pushing things off the side of the tub
investigating the trash
pulling the towel off the oven door
ripping paper, specifically the mail
reading books
finding microscopic crumbs on the floor and eating them 
going for walks
banging on the bathroom door until I come out
* Sesame can say daddy, mama (rarely), duckie/duck duck, hi, bye and uhoh.
* She can sign 'please' and sometimes all done. The signing is so much nicer than her yelling for more. Sometimes she sits in the middle of the floor signing please over and over and I have no idea what she wants.
* Skinny Minnie is still rocking mostly 6 or 6-9 clothes. Some of her 6 month pants still fit perfectly around the waist but they've gone from pants to capris. Maybe she'll still fit in them when summer rolls around?
* She has two teeth on the bottom and some coming in on top.

* She loves music. When she hears the Gilmore Girls theme song, she'll will stop whatever she's doing and start dancing and smiling. The song All About that Bass always makes her dance. I change the words a little to make it more child appropriate. Sometimes we sing Jesus Loves Me afterwards to cleanse her mind.
* She can stand up by herself but she doesn't take any steps. 
She likes to feed Thornton his bottle after trying to drink it herself.


Jen said...

She seems like such a happy girl!

Emily said...

Such a cutie!!! LOVE those ruffle pants!!!

Kim said...

Love all the pictures! That last one is so cute! :)

Bailey Kay said...

She knows the Gilmore Girls theme song? You are raising her right!