Sunday, October 11, 2015

In a People House, Edition House #6

We've finally started to get pictures hung up and décor put up around here.
I have a love-hate relationship with collage walls. I love how they look but hate the thirty extra nail holes I always make when hanging the pictures. I was so proud of myself for only moving two nails this time. I imagine the pride I felt was similar to the pride felt by those who scale Mount Everest.
My one dislike of collage walls is trying to keep everything straight. 
Two things to note in the above picture:
1. I have yet to find the lamp shade for my lamp. Maybe it's in the box with the cookie sheets and my dry shampoo.
2. I have a pillow sitting on a bookcase. See below for an explanation.
When I made my wedding registry I only asked for things I needed, with the exception of two items. The first was a beverage dispenser that I've only used once so obviously it was a smart choice and the other was a hummingbird pillow. I can't fully convey my love for this pillow.

My goal is for it to last until our fiftieth anniversary in pristine, albeit slightly wrinkled, condition. I have strict rules for this pillow. Absolutely NO using it like your average pillow. No leaning, laying, swishing, or folding it. No using it in a pillow fight. Under NO circumstances is it to be slept on. The morning I went to the hospital to have Annabelle I made a list of instructions for Mom and the twins who were staying at our house: "YOU KNOW THE RULES ABOUT THE HUMMINGBIRD PILLOW." Don't I sound so hospitable? I can feel my blood pressure rise when someone who doesn't know the rules squashes it. Our cars were so jam packed on the way up here that I almost had to choose between taking Annabelle or taking the pillow. AB would not be a respecter of my pillow rules and it doesn't match in my room or the guest room so it's been sitting on the bookshelf for weeks. Because that's totally normal. I'm sure my levels of pillow obsession is normal as well.
Oh look! Another pretty pillow! This pillow can be gently leaned upon so you can all breathe a sigh of relief. 
Around the corner from the hummingbird pillow sits this box. I packed it the week before we got married and seven moves later it still hasn't been unpacked. Frankly I have no plans to unpack it. Why mess with tradition?

I love a fireplace mantle. You can see my decorative sticks peeking up in the bottom left. I'm not as obsessed with my sticks as with my pillow but I do like them. I searched high and low for the perfect bunch of decorative sticks when we were living in our apartment. I felt silly buying sticks when I could have gotten them for free in the woods, but Tennessee majorly failed in the woods department so I shelled out eighteen American dollars for fake sticks decorated with beads. You've never seen fancier sticks. Sesame likes to play with them and I feel ridiculous every time I say "DON'T BREAK MAMA'S STICKS! They're very special and I'll be very sad if they break!"

For various reasons we didn't get a new bedding set when we got married. Let me rephrase that. Christopher bought a red comforter set when he moved into the apartment as his "last bachelor purchase" but I didn't get to pick one out. We've either used the red set or a pretty gold set that was given to me second hand. I liked the gold bedding but it had seen better days so on Thursday we went to Stein Mart and bought a new blanket and throw pillows. We also got three more pillows that aren't in the picture. I have a throw pillow addiction and I'm proud of it.

I'm on a self-imposed no buying new items for the house ban but I let this one slide because technically I can say it's a wedding gift to myself that came five years late. That leaves me free to buy the antique washboard I saw yesterday as a housewarming gift to myself. I do so enjoy justifying unnecessary purchases.


♥ ♥ Just a Girl in Love w/ a Soldier ♥ ♥ said...

Im good at justifying non-neccessary purchases, just let me know when and where and I'll be there, we can do all the fun new house shopping purchase's and have the best time making wall collages.

Michelle said...

All that's missing is a typewriter ;)

Emily said...

It is looking great, and I was laughing out loud about the pillow rules. Ha!

Jen said...

Everything looks wonderful! :)

Bailey Kay said...

Your new house is so cute! I love hanging up gallery walls but hate all the nail holes-- I use Command strips, which hold up great!

Laura Darling said...

That bedspread is beautiful! I definitely need to go to Steinmart!!! And I was CRACKING up about the pillow. That is hilarious. I love it.