Wednesday, October 7, 2015

three very unrelated and unimportant topics

Two doors down from our house is a bar. A few weeks ago they put out a sign announcing they'd be having a "family friendly" Fall festival over the weekend. I wondered what family friendly event could happen at a bar. Apple juice shots, maybe? Christopher went over to investigate but he reported there wasn't much going on so it wasn't worth us walking ALL THE WAY over there. That night we heard music blaring into all hours of the evening. We assumed things were in full party mode over at the Fall festival. The next night the music started up again. Christopher happened to be out in the backyard at the same time our neighbor Sue was building a fire in her fire pit. He said hi but she didn't respond as she was high as a kite. Turns out the music was courtesy of Sue's personal Fall festival complete with a 1990's cd player and assorted things to smoke.
In case you're wondering, Sue looks like this. Add fifteen years, change the hood to green and it's 100% Sue.

Speaking of what people look like, the boy who cuts our grass looks EXACTLY like Jojo from Horton Hears a Who. He has shaggy black hair, the longest arms and has worn stripped black pants every time I see him.
The cast of characters around here is fascinating.
Lately I've been teaching Sesame state names. It's more out of a desire to hear her say some new words than a desire to raise the 2020 World Geography Competition winner. Yesterday we had the following conversations:
Me: What do you want for lunch?
AB: Massa-CHOO-ses.
Me: Do you want more or are you all done?
AB: Massa-CHOO-ses! Massa-CHOO-ses!
Me: Go get a book for me to read you.
AB: Massa-CHOO-ses!
Whatever the question, Massachusetts is her the answer.
Today was the first day of my first annual Fall Fashion Fiesta with my favorite first child.
"I am so bored. I will gaze up at the sky and hope for an airplane to appear."
Stay tuned for future installments as we make our way through her wardrobe. It's sure to be fascinating.


Emily said...

I laughed all through this post...sounds like you guys are going to have a great relationship with your neighbors. Ha. And her outfit!? Adorable!!!

Bailey Kay said...

Your neighbors sound like winners! Haha.

Kace said...

Neighbors. ugh.