Thursday, June 30, 2016

paintbrushes and waterfalls

We brought a stowaway with us when we left Daniel and Erika's- Joanna came for her third annual summer visit. Of everyone who says they'll come visit she's one of the few who actually does. 

We went out for a girls night on Tuesday. There's very little going on in this neck of the woods but I discovered a gem in a restaurant called The Chocolate Bar. CHOCOLATE EVERYWHERE. It was a delight. I wanted every single one of the 30+ chocolate cocktails and pages of dessert. It was a small restaurant and at one point there where 16 diners. Fifteen of them were women. The Chocolate Bar knows how to cater to a specific audience. I think they'd make a killing if they gave PMSing ladies a discount. People would be knocking down the doors.

We went to a paint class after supper. I'd never done one but I know my painting skilz well enough to keep my expectations low. I'm shocked that my painting turned out so well. Feel free to call me Mrs. Sarah Michelangelo.
The next day we took a day trip to Niagara Falls. I have fond memories of giving Joanna an award winning Fort Campbell tour so I imagined myself giving a Niagara Falls tour of the same quality. It was going well until we got lost and ended up on the border of Canada with a man asking for our passports. By the time I explained I didn't want to leave the country, two cars were in line behind me. The man made them go in another lane then told me to back up the one way road, do a Uturn down a restricted lane and get back onto the main road. Instead of a leisurely ride to a natural wonder I almost got us questioned for trying to cross the border without proper papers. 
Annabelle's stylist did an excellent job matching her bow to her top. Someone needs to give that lady a raise.
Joanna went home this morning and left me to handle a potty training toddler on my own.
It's not going as successfully as I'd like so I'm already planning my next visit to The Chocolate Bar.

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Jen said...

I love how your painting turned out!