Friday, October 21, 2016

Currently- the October edition

Planning: Annabelle and George's wedding. It will be bubble themed. The other day Annabelle told me "I'm going to mawwy P'ince George." My work here is done.
Reading: Eligible by Curtis Sittenfield. It's a modern day Pride and Prejudice and the easiest book to read. One chapter was a whopping three sentences. I just picked up A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold, mother of a Columbine shooter.  These books could not be more different.  
Watching: Britain's Poshest Nannies. One of my after college plans was to be a live-in nanny, preferably in an interesting location. My plans were altered when I got married at 21 but I still think it would have been fun. A few years ago I learned about a nanny college in Australia then more recently I heard of one in England. This documentary shows the process the girls at the English school go through to become nannies for upper class families, celebrities and even royals. It's interesting to note that I watched it while we were babysitting Ivy and I was contemplating whether I really want another child or not. But sign me up to pay thousands of dollars a year to learn how to be the next nanny for Matt Damon's children!
Surviving: grocery shopping in the rain. I HATE shopping in the rain, especially when I have Sesame. 
Wondering about: toast. Talk to me about toast. What do you put on it? What's your go-to topping? I love a warm piece of toast with melted butter. If I'm feeling a little fancy I add sugar and cinnamon. I'm open to all toast related suggestions for any meal. Does garlic bread count as toast? I could eat it every day for a week and still want more.  
Listening to: AB talk. The other night she didn't stop talking until after 11. ELEVEN PM. She expected me to answer and have a full conversation with her. I was trying to sleep so I had no interest in discussing the new princess on Sofia the First. She talks nonstop. I think it's payback from when I was her age. 
Having weird dreams about: Christopher taking me with him to Fallujah. Apparently he was deployed there and I decided to go all to see the sites. I was uncomfortable sleeping inside the Humvee so they attached the back of a pickup to the back of the humvee and I made myself a bed and slept out there. My mattress kept falling off and I got so annoyed I decided to stay behind on the side of the road. Eventually Christopher came back to get me and brought with him a souvenir- a garlic garland for the mantle! I've always wanted to decorate with garlic! If only it had been a real dream I could have used it to make myself some nice garlic bread.

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