Tuesday, October 18, 2016

spoiler alert: I didn't need to defend us after all

Good news! We have heat again. The repair men spent all Friday morning installing a new furnace, just in time for us to have a weekend where the high was 74* and Christopher turned on the ac. We made the most of the time we didn't have heat by bundling up and wearing our crowns.
We take crown practice very seriously.
We had a pretty lowkey weekend. I know we come across as the life of any party, but Christopher was in bed by 9:37 Friday night. I stayed up until 10 because I'm the real party animal in our relationship. Saturday we went to a paint your own pottery place then came home and painted pumpkins. Annabelle took the opportunity to paint herself as well because why not?

Sesame Pie has a cold and bad cough so we've been doing a lot of lounging. I'm too embarrassed to admit the number of shows she watched yesterday. She felt awful and my head was killing me, despite the 14 painkillers I took and sometimes you just have to get through the day. It's not everyday you see a sick girl wearing dinosaur feet. 
Annabelle has gotten so funny. I love hearing what she'll say next. Friday night we were eating tacos and Christopher ate part of AB's shell. She starting looking for it and when I told her where it went she said, "I am APPALLED." I'd be appalled too if someone ate my taco without asking!

Today a man came by who walked around the yard taking pictures of our house. I don't know him and had never seen him before. I have a long history of hiding from unwanted guests/repairmen/vacuum salespeople so this wasn't new territory for me. I snapped into action. I flattened myself against the wall so he wouldn't see me then scooted around to be sure the doors were locked. I put away a few toys on the way through the living room because if he was going to murder us I didn't want to leave a messy house as my last act. I picked up the nearest item in case I needed to defend us (overly dramatic party of one!). Normally my weapon of choice is a bat, but this time I grabbed what was closest: 
A MINI COLANDER. Because that will do a lot. "You're about to attack us? Let me just throw this flimsy thing over your hand. That will stop you!" 

Call me for all your self defense needs!


Jen said...

Yay for having heat again!!!

Laura Darling said...

Haha I love that she said appalled. I feel like it's quite impressive that not only does she know that word, but also the appropriate usage! She's going to ace the verbal section of her SATs! :)

I saw a tweet today that said, "I don't know what it says about me that I have more pajamas than 'going out' clothes." Umm, I have approximately one going out outfit. However, I could wear a new loungewear outfit every day for a month without having to do laundry. We all have our priorities! :)

Amanda said...

I hide from people too! But always leave the TV on... which fools just about every plan of hiding. Hopefully illness leaves you all and heat stays with you!