Saturday, February 18, 2017


This is my 1,000th blog post.

That's a lot of words.
Too many drafts, not enough earnings.
I started way back in 2009 when I was younger, thinner and more well rested. 
Most of my early posts make me cringe and I can't read them without wanting to sink through the floor but I'm so glad I have them. The number of posts per year has gone down significantly since Annabelle was born but I still plugging away. Technically I already reached 1,000 posts but when Christopher and I were dating I unpublished some that I thought had subpar pictures I didn't want him to see. I mentioned it later and he had already seen every single one so all efforts to maintain my squeaky-clean image were in vain. 

I feel like I should do something big to commemorate this momentous occasion, but I couldn't think of one thing. Yesterday I decided to do a day in the life in what is sure to be pain staking detail. 

7:12-  I woke up from an uncomfortable and very detailed dream about Christopher having an affair.

7:44- Annabelle started her early morning coughing fit. Moments before I had been thinking her bronchitis medicine must have kicked in because she didn't cough all night. She's out to prove me wrong at every turn.
8:00- She comes into my bed every day for our morning cuddle, to talk about our dreams and discuss what we'll do that day.
One of us looks like so sweet in the morning.
The other looks like a zombie.
As always, she "needed to get something out of her wallet." For unknown reasons, she refers to my phone as a pink sparkly wallet. My phone is none of those things but every morning that's what she calls it. Lately she's been asking to watch songs from Moana as she wakes up. It's not one of my finest parenting moves to watch tv in bed but I'm not a morning person and I'm all about doing what gets you through.
8:22- While I was getting dressed Annabelle dumped out my bag of cough drops and made them into a train. They still need to be picked up.
8:45- Late breakfast. I asked AB if she wanted cheerios or a bagel. She said cheerios but when she saw me eating a bagel she said, "What do you think about sharing that with me, Mom?" It happens every single morning.
9:12- While I cleaned up the kitchen Sesame played in the living room. She told me it was my birthday which she's already celebrated 34 times this year. She LOVES to play birthday. My birthday dessert was a tiny cupcake the size of a penny. 
10:50- We arrive at Walmart. We went to a new Walmart instead of our old standby because we're wild and crazy and you can't hold us down!
10:54- Annabelle inspects every single thing in the produce department then moves to the dessert display. She tells me she wants it all for her birthday. I let her walk which means a sloth could have gotten around the store faster than we did. 

11:25- I picked out a new vacuum. It was a big moment for me as a homemaker.
12:22- Home for a lunch of leftover fried rice. I break out the new vacuum while Annabelle eats. It's embarrassing how excited I was about my new Dyson. I moved couches and cleaned corners that haven't been cleaned in months. I sucked up so much dirt my old vacuum left behind.
1:35- Nap time for Annabelle. She yells down to me periodically about wanted water, a different book and a new stuffed animal.
1:45 to 3:30- In a rare burst of afternoon energy I cleaned the entire downstairs, including washing the floors and baseboards, organized toys and tidied up our bedroom.
4:30- I finally sat down to rest my eyes when AB woke up. Of course. I turn on the LaLa Land soundtrack and fill a bin with dried rice, beads and other small toys for AB to dig in. It makes a mess but it kept her occupied for 45 minutes so it was worth it. It gave me another excuse to use my magical vacuum!
5:15- Christopher comes home. We visit for a while then I vacuum upstairs. Suddenly the vacuum stoped sucking as well. Trouble in vacuum paradise! None of my fiddling with parts fixes it. I shed a few tears and go into mourning.
5:30 to 7:40- Supper, clean up, book reading, bedtime procrastination, etc.
7:41- I feel like it's midnight. Is it bedtime yet? Is it too early to go to bed? When did vacuums and bulk paper towels become exciting? We finished the evening with Blacklist and chamomile tea.


Laura Darling said...

I am dying at "what do you think about sharing that with me Mom?" So funny. Also laughing at "too many posts not enough earnings." I hear ya there.

I feel like it is totally perfect that you got yourself a new vacuum on the day of your 1000th post. This day will go down in history for you.

Michelle said...

I'm so jealous of your new vacuum! I vacuumed Friday night while James bathed Gracie. Yesterday morning he started vacuuming the living room. I told him I just did the night before, and he said "you did? It doesn't look like it." I am equal parts offended and trying to use this as a ploy for him to buy me a Dyson.

Jen said...

Happy 1000!!! It really is amazing how fast it goes by. :) Yay for a new Dyson!