Monday, February 27, 2017


AB during the most stressful playdate of her life.

In an unusual turn of events, Christopher had a three day weekend. We haven't had a 3 day weekend in months so I declared it Family Fun Weekend, or FFW for short. 

We started off the weekend at the gym. The gym isn't at the top of my Fun Times List, but I do like zumba days. Besides, I need to exercise so I can eat chips with a clear conscience. Normally I'm the youngest person at zumba by about 40 years. I've done classes with people my age which I don't enjoy because I feel so self conscious and compare myself to others the whole class. In this class I don't have any comparison issues because as long as I'm moving quickly I'm doing better than almost everyone. This week a girl about my age stood next to me. I hadn't emotionally prepared myself for such competition so I almost did that weird Michael Phelps arm flap thing to psych myself up. Just when I thought I was doing a little better than her I tripped over my own feet. It's true what they say about pride coming before a fall.

After a family nap that afternoon I went to make a return at Target. I almost looked at the bathing suits but I didn't want to deal with that kind of depression.

Friday night we had a pizza party in the living room and watched Toy Story. Annabelle really latched onto the party theme and wanted to have a cheerio party the next day. In addition to it being FFW, I decided it should also be MMM- Movie Marathon Madness. We always watch a few of our shows through out the week, but we had a bunch to catch up on and giving it a fun name made it seem less like we were being couch potatoes and more like we were reviewing movies for the Oscars.

Saturday morning I slept in while Christopher took Annabelle to breakfast. It's a weekly tradition they enjoy and I enjoy the extra sleep. It's a win-win all around. Next on the FFW agenda was a visit to a new bookstore at the mall. There was a rubber duck themed fundraiser for the children's hospital near the store so we waddled over to see what all the fuss was about. Annabelle got her face painted and a duck balloon she named Click.
Sunday was a pretty typical day. That's not completely true. We had to tell Sesame to 
"Take the hash brown out from between your legs." That's not typical. We went to church in the morning and Annabelle refused to nap in the afternoon. I had to run to the grocery store for an ingredient for supper and while I was out I decided to swing by Home Depot to have a key made. I've had the blank key in my purse for literally 5 months but never think of it at the right time. I applied lip gloss in the parking lot because I've learned from experience that the more gussied up you are at home improvement stores the more help you get. I have no problem using my feminine charms when I can't find the right department. I hadn't counted on the door to the store being stuck shut. I stood there like an idiot waving my arms and legs to make it open. So much for gentility.

I hope you have a great week. A bug just flew into my face and made me drop the computer off the couch so my week is off to an interesting start. 

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Jen said...

So glad you guys had a long weekend together! Kyle hasn't had one in months either.