Sunday, September 8, 2019

currently, the short edition

Listening to: stories from AB’s swimming teacher. She's had a very interesting life and each week she shares such odd stories I sometimes wonder if she’s stretching the truth a little. I asked how she met her current (third) husband and she said at the mailbox. I asked if he was a mailman and she said he was not. He was going out to the mailbox to mail his divorce papers at the same time she was getting her mail while walking her dog. He said, “I like your dog.” She said, “I like your truck.” They've been together 43 years. And just like that, Brad Paisley has the outline for a new country song.

Waiting for: Annabelle to finish ballet class. It’s her first ballet lesson of the year and we barely rolled in on time because we got stuck behind a school bus. I accidentally got black sharpie on her pink tights while writing her initials on her shoes.  She had an applesauce pouch on the way and spilled half of it on her leotard. I do not like dirty clothes. I don’t have any problem with her playing hard and having fun, but I very seldom bring her out in public with dirty clothes or a dirty face. She had Cheez-It crumbs on her face, applesauce stains on her leotard and sharpie on her legs. She’s a walking billboard in support of Shout and laundry detergent companies everywhere. It's a humbling moment for me.

Considering: retiring from my night job. It’s been going along fine for several months now but this past Saturday was a real doozy. I like my boss, but I don’t like when she stays during the class. If I’m going to mess up it’s guaranteed that I’ll mess up when she walks by. First off, we were offering free mimosas. I didn’t know that we were mixing the juice and champagne separately so I handed out several cups of plain juice with not a drop of champagne. It’s been so humid we’d started using modgepodge to help hold the stencil on the wood. Modgepodge and white paint look exactly alike. I knew we had both in little cups on the table, so I smelled both and told the three closest people which cup was which. What do you think I gave the lady at my table to glue her stencil down? Not modgepodge. She started dabbing with the white paint in a place she didn’t want white paint. OF COURSE, the boss happened to be at the end of my table and saw the whole interaction. I don’t know what happened. Maybe all my sniffing of paint and glue messed up my brain cells. A lady asked if I'd help her paint an ombre sunset on the background of her sign. What I should have said was no. What I did say was sure! I'd be happy to! We ended up repainting the whole background because it looked so bad. 

Laughing at: Annabelle. She's been listening to hours upon hours of the kids podcast, Circle Round. Every episode is a folk tale from a different country and includes little sayings and tidbits of wisdom she likes to throw into daily conversation. We were having a picnic lunch at her playhouse and as she climbed through the window she said, "Every time a door closes, go through a window." long pause "But it's important to make sure that window isn't locked before you try to go through it." She has gotten so funny and really understands jokes and puns. 

Pondering: how to discuss death with AB. We're very open about discussing most topics in a child-appropriate way, so when our fish died I assumed she'd have questions since she hasn't had much experience with death. We talked about why the fish died (most likely cause of death was heart attack thanks to being tortured by the cats) and that was about it. She'd stop every so often to look at him floating in the tank but didn't say much. When I was sending him down the porcelain express she furrowed her brow and said, "What was that fish's name, again?" Needless to say she isn't going to lose much sleep over Martin VanBluey. 


rooth said...

I like her (fake) meet cute. Sounds like she's got herself a winner there :) I'm a big fan of her developing sense of humor!

Rebecca Jo said...

Well, glad to see she wont be loosing much sleep over the poor fishie. HAHA! That's funny!
Yep - totally sounds like a country song on that meeting. It's funny because I know some stories I tell, some people are like, That cant be true... Life is funny that way, isn't it? Making the unbelievable believable... though I dont believe that meeting story :) LOL