Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Shopping Experiences

The Great Christmas Shopping of 2009 has officially begun.

Grandma and I braved the chilly wind yesterday afternoon for our somewhat annual shopping trip together. On a scale of 1-10, it would have rated only about a 6 for level of success, but up in the high 9's for eventfulness. We stopped at Joann's first where I only spent about 12 minutes deciding which beads to buy. I think it ranks up there as the shortest time I've ever spent in that aisle. Way back in early November I bought a beautiful silver pendant to put on a handmade necklace for Erika's gift. It was going to be THE gift of the year. So good that I had no desire to think up a Plan B because there would be NO NEED. No need except when the whole gift failed and I had no Plan B to fall back on. To make a long and tragic story short, I returned to the drawing board{aka the craft store}, and returned victorious with an even better idea: I would make her dangly earrings instead. I am praying{seriously, I really am}that they will come out well as its almost Christmas and, once again, I haven't made other plans if this gift fails too. I guess I don't learn from previous mistakes very well. *

As we were preparing to head to the next store, we discovered that Grandma's car wouldn't start. What could have been a tragic 5 o'clock news story of two Christmas shoppers stranded in a parking lot in the freezing cold with NOTHING TO EAT{the news people like to over-dramatize}, made us burst into fits of laughter over the whole thing. We called my uncle for advice{her car is a fancy Hybrid so I just was just about no help at all}and five minutes after we asked him to rescue us, the car started when Grandma pushed the unlock{of all things}button on her remote. That made us start laughing again{I don't really know why},and we were barely got back to our dignified selves before going into the next store. All in all it was a very entertaining afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm babysitting the twins and their big sister Keegan. I'm so happy because I haven't seen them in forever and ever over a month and I know they are going to have grown so much...maybe even rolling over, laughing and pulling hair! It will be the first time I watch all three of them but I'm excited about it. The more the merrier!
As a side note, I've been wanting baby carrier/sling lately to use with the twins and OH LOOK! theres a giveaway!

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