Thursday, December 10, 2009

Day of the Smallest Tree

Its been one extreme or the other when it comes to Christmas trees around here. Thanksgiving marked that day I decorated the largest tree ever, and Tuesday will go down in history as the Day of the Smallest Tree(mark your calenders, it was December 8th). Mrs Becker and I spent the afternoon together and created more memories and stories that will be passed down to the next generations. We also created this lovely Christmas tree:

When I got home and told Dad we decorated her tree, he said "I saw it and you could probably only fit about six ornaments on it". That may be the case for regular decorators, but not for the originators, creators, and founders of the Day of the Smallest Tree.

Mrs Becker didn't have a star or angel for the top, so I used this little Hummingbird instead. It was really very appropriate for her because she and her husband(our pastor who died in April)love birds.

I would love to have jewelry fashioned after this ornament. Maybe someday when I have my own jewelry making business, or am married to a really rich man who will special order it for me, I will. I'll be sure to keep you updated if when that day arrives. : )

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