Monday, December 7, 2009

Its Almost Begining to Seem Like Christmas

I feel so behind with everything Christmas.

I've been working so hard(translation--getting to bed after 1:00 just about every night)at my school the last two weeks with the goal of finishing it all by last Friday so I would have three full weeks to prepare for and enjoy Christmas. Very sadly, I didn't quite reach that goal so I've been a little discouraged. I had *big* plans for all the projects and the decorating I would be starting today so its hard to put it off just a little longer. I've been so tempted to just start everything RIGHT NOW, but I know I'll never get back to the school if I do that. I LOVE this time of year and I hate feeling like I'm losing any of this precious time. On the upside, I only have a little bit left so I'm hopeful I'll be completely finished by the end of this week at the latest and all the Christmas wonderfulness can begin!! (Unless of course, those essays decided to be difficult which is
totally possible based on past experience.)

I have been able to do a few things that made me feel better and more Christmasy:
* decorated the mantle
* watched the original, aka the BEST, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
* began making an ornament wreath with Dad
* went to the Messiah on Saturday

Daniel and Erika meet us at the Messiah and who do you think they had with them?! Dani! I was so excited to see her; it was almost like a Christmas present. She graduated from the music department there so she know
a couple people just about everyone that walked by which made her "very, very excited!".

Is anyone else doing this?
Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

I think I will be. Hopefully we'll have all our decorations up by then and since I'm guaranteed to be to photographing them anyways, and almost guaranteed to be be posting them, I think it would be fun. Even if I don't, I can get lots of ideas from seeing others decorations!

Tomorrow I'll hopefully be helping Mrs Becker, a friend from church, decorate her adorable little itty bity
Christmas tree. Every little Christmas thing that I am able to do gives me a little more motivation to NOT give up on my school, and to remember everything that makes this time of year so wonderful.

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