Friday, July 16, 2010

Lots of Little Things

* Every Friday my family has Friday Night{aren't we original?}. Grandma joins us as we eat supper in the living room and watch a movie. We had Friday Night last night which technically means it was Thursday Night and now I'm all confused. Thank goodness the week's almost done because it's chaos when I'm a day ahead of everyone else.Why have Friday Night on Thursday night? Aaron is having some of his friends over for a get together tonight and the usual Friday festivities would get in the way. I guess the youth of today think they need to socialize for some reason. As Daniel would say, "they don't make 'em like they used to."

* OH MY GOODNESS. I saw the cutest little baby boy EVER at the hospital today. Dad's say I say every baby is the cutest ever, but he really was. He was little black baby with big dark eyes and curly black hair and the cutest smile. I have never had more of an urge to kidnap permanently borrow a child in my life. I'll be taking him to custody court on Monday so I can have him for my own. I'm only going Monday because I don't have a car to use today.

* Weekend plans included, but are not limited to, the following:
- Tomorrow I'm going with Joanna to serve a meal at the local homeless shelter. As the sole member from her group not going to the Dominican Republic for a week, she asked me to go along to help. I think it will be an interesting experience. All my volunteer hours have been done at either the preschool, the children's hospital or our girls club so this is completely different for me. I'm just praying I don't spill anything on anyone. Those poor people deal with enough.
- As DOR{Director of Redecorations}for Dad's new business, I'm busy trying to fulfill that role. I'll probably spend quite a bit of time wandering the paper aisle at Staples over the weekend. Anyone know if you can buy vinyl paper there? {I mean the kind of vinyl that wall vinyls are made of.} Hopefully I'll leave Staples thinking "that was easy!".
- Sarah's hair salon has two booked customers: Shnuffy and Fufu{better known as Aaron and Willie}. Mom might also stop by for her beauty treatment.

* I made this today just because I love looking at pretty things{most of which I can't afford} without even realizing how similar it is to this one I did last summer for fashion week. I love the flowers and all the colors!

Summer Loves 2010Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
* Have a wonderful weekend!
{* If you need to laugh during the weekend, my friend good Brian is always around to put
a smile on your face. He doesn't know we're good friends yet, but he will someday.}

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