Friday, July 2, 2010

Red,White and Blue Preparations

The 4th of July is only two days away and that means one thing: our red,white, and blue preparations are in full swing.

1. Today I'm going over Katie's in preparation for our big trip tomorrow. Along with various members of her family, we're going to see the Boston Pops rehearsal. Given the opportunity, I'd be there Sunday in a flash for the Real Thing, but alas, I had no such opportunity this year. Instead I will take the train with some of my favorite people and see the same show{minus fireworks,cannon shots, and a couple hundred crazy people}the day before. Katie and I are almost as excited about the train ride as we are for the show. Almost, but not quite. When we were around 15, she came with me to my doctors appointment in Boston and we had the extreme joy of riding the subway together. We vowed we'd return one day for a day trip that involved nothing but riding the subway. The train is not exactly the same as the subway, but it's quite close. The fact that I just shared this with you probably proves once and for all that we don't require much and are very easy to please. It may also mean that we don't get out much. {No affermation is needed about that statement, thankyouverymuch}.

2. Sunday night at 8:00 will find us attending our annual 4th of July Boston Pops watching party with Grandma. Are you getting the impression I'm a big Boston Pops fan? It's become our yearly tradition. I was so sad this year because another tradition of mine was broken. I NEVER,EVER find out who the B.P. guest stars will be until right before the show starts{around 7:55}. Even the year we went to see them I refused to look at the program because I didn't want to know. You know what happened this year? I found out who's starring. I've known for almost a whole week and I almost have a guilty conscience over it. I almost cried but then decided to save my tears for something more worthwhile. I don't know who the "little stars" are so something will be a surprise tomorrow.

3. I hope you have a wonderful, blessed, patriotic, thankful-for-all-you-have weekend!

{The editor of this blog told me she has something to say. "It brings me great sadness to bring to your attention that in the process of moderating comments this week, I accidentally deleted two comments instead of publishing them. They were such nice comments too. I'm sorry. So very sorry. Maybe if I was getting paid more to do this job I would be more careful and---" Thank you,editor. That's enough. }

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