Wednesday, June 1, 2011

birthday festivities

Rumor has it that no new posts have appeared on this small corner of the internet since approximately May 25th, 2011. If you're thinking that I'm not going to go back and discuss things that have happened in the last seven days, then you are mistaken. As Thomas Jefferson said, "Better to document your life late than to never document at all." It's possible T.J. never said that, but quite frankly I'm too lazy to Google it.

The below picture has nothing to do with what I have to say, I just think it's too cute to leave out.
My birthday was last Saturday but the festivities began on Friday. After we dropped Katie off at the train station, we went to the movie theater at the mall and saw Thor in 3D. We were given the special 3D glasses and I spent just as much time taking them off to see how the movie would look different as I did actually watching the movie with them on. Of course, Christopher watched the whole movie the way Mr. 3D intended. 

Before we went to the restaurant for supper, we walked around town and spent some time by this pretty fountain.  
We had discussed going to the restaurant we got engaged at on our anniversary, but since we most likely won't be here next April we went for my birthday instead. It was extremely important to take pictures at the restaurant because when we got engaged, I didn't have my camera. Compulsive photo-takers will understand the horror I felt at not having photographs of the biggest day in my life up to that point. The worst part of it was I came THIS CLOSE to bringing my camera that night but I didn't. The conversation before we left for the restaurant went something like this:

Christopher: "Do you need anything before we go?"
Sarah's brain: "Go back and get the camera. You NEVER KNOW what you might want to take a picture of."
Sarah's mouth: "No, I'm good."

Needless to say, I should have listened to my brain.

And so I present photographic evidence of the place Christopher asked me to marry him. (Seeing how well it turned out the first time around, I did mention that Christopher could propose to me again so I could get pictures of it actually happening, but apparently that's not the way things work.)
After offering us a variety of beef, squid, rice, and Florida shrimp served with a variety of in-season fruits, Charles the waiter took our picture at The Table Where the Question was Asked.
The next day, my actual birthday, we had a picnic atop a hill. Apparently Mr. Sun had not received the memo about showing up because it was raining while we ate. We were not deterred by the large amounts of water falling from the sky because we were sitting under a highly sophisticated and fashionable camouflage parka. 

This was my view during the picnic:

Eventually Mr. Sun got the memo and came out in time for us to go for a walk around the park.
The birthday express next stopped at a vineyard holding a grape blossom festival. (For the record, I didn't see even one grape blossom.)
Birthday plates are very important in my family. They are almost as important to us as Christmas trees are which is saying a lot because Christmas trees are pretty darn important. I did not enter this marriage with a birthday plate, so Christopher had to search high and low for one that would meet our high standards. He bought this paisley plate and I'm pleased to report that it passed all birthday plate tests with flying colors when he made me pancakes and bacon for my birthday meal. (The food also passed the Sarah approval test.)  
As Thomas Jefferson would say, "A birthday so special is not one to be soon forgotten."


Emily said...

Looks like a great weekend and happy belated birthday!! Can you explain birthday plates? I think I might want in on that! :)

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Looked like you had a great weekend!

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures, Sarah, especially the ones of you and Christopher! Beautiful plate too!