Friday, June 24, 2011

Our Wedding~ butterfly release

One thing I always wanted to do at my wedding was release butterflies. I had been so worried that it would be raining or too cold for the butterflies to fly, but God gave us a sunny day so we were able to do it! I ordered 3 dozen butterflies so everyone in the wedding, as well as some guests, were able to open one of the little envelopes with a butterfly inside.
I  love this picture of Grandpa with his butterfly.
Some of the butterflies didn't make it, but a lot of them did. The kids especially loved opening their envelopes.
Zachary's butterfly stuck around for the longest. We carefully passed it from person to person so a few of us were able to hold it. Keri has some nice pictures of it on my bouquet.
Logan the ring bearer with his butterfly. The ultimate fate of that butterfly was less than happy, but he had fun while it lasted. ;)

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