Monday, June 13, 2011

movies, Walmart and bed frames

The main activity of the evening was going to the drive-in to see Super 8.
I had never been to the drive-in before, and I must say I'm a fan of being able to talk out loud during the movie without having to whisper. That was a big plus for this movie because I had A LOT to say. Unfortunately, we left wondering if we had seen the same movie because apparently I didn't understand half of what went on. I understood the other half, but I didn't necessarily agree with what the characters did because for Pete's sake, WHY did the boy let go of his mother's necklace?! I may have gotten very indignant about the whole thing. 

We were extremely productive for most of the day. Because visiting one wasn't enough, we visited two Walmarts in our efforts to properly restock our supply of necessities: chips to go with our salsa, bacon, cheese, and a package of diapers. (No, we didn't get a package of diapers because we're expecting a very small person! They're for someone else's very small person.) We also went to Sam's Club and the whole experience of buying tomato sauce in bulk made us feel very domestic.

 The Harry Potter intensive continues over here, so that night we watched H.P and the Goblet of Fire. For anyone wondering, I only got slightly indignant at the characters. 

Due to a slight timing error on my part, we were late to church. I was convinced that the service started at 10:45 not 10:30, but I was proved wrong when we walked in at 10:43 and the congregation was already singing praises to the Lord. For such a miscalculation, we were lead to seats at the front, far away from my normal seat of choice in the back. 

After church, we assembled the bed frame for the guest room. I use the word 'we' very loosely because by the time I got up there, it was already put together so I just stood there answering texts and telling Christopher he did a good job. Clearly I am a very helpful wife. 

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